Everything We Know About Disney+’s LOKI Series
UPDATE, 3/11/2020 –

One of the MCU’s most beloved characters has always been Loki, as played by Tom Hiddleston. Now Thor’s good for nuthin’ brother is among the first Marvel characters to get his own series on Disney+. In fact, Loki was one of the first announced for the streamer.

And since the series’ official announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, it has been adding a steady lineup of impressive names to its cast. The latest of which, via Variety, is Richard E. Grant.

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According to Variety‘s report, Grant will only appear in one episode of the show, and we don’t yet know any details on his character. Still, it’ll be a treat to have the longstanding favorite—star of modern classics like Withnail & I and Gosford Park, as well as more recent films like Logan, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and the wonderful Can You Ever Forgive Me—in the mix.

 UPDATE, 2/11/2020 –

Loki is adding another high profile actor to its cast. Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, most recently seen in The Morning Show and A Wrinkle in Time, has been added to the Loki series in an undisclosed role. This coming from a report in Deadline. Could she be another Asgardian god, or possibly a member of the Time Variance Authority? The secret organization that protects the timestream was shown to be in the show in the Disney+ Super Bowl teaser, so it’s quite possible. Whatever part she plays, this series just got that much classier by her inclusion.

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Original Report

And it has just added a pretty big name to its cast. Actor Owen Wilson has joined the series in a major role, according to Deadline.

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So who is The Wedding Crashers star playing? It could be Doctor Donald Blake, the former flame of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, whose identity Thor assumed in his first film. Or it could be Baldar the Brave, Loki and Thor’s Asgadrian friend. He’s a pretty major part of the Asgardian mythos from the comics, and a character we’ve yet to see in the MCU. But right now, Wilson’s role remains a mystery.

What Is Loki About?
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During Marvel’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, Kevin Feige brought up Tom Hiddleston to briefly discuss his new Loki series for Disney+. As we maybe predicted, the Loki series will star the version of Loki that escapes with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame. This means he’s pretty much still a megalomaniacal bad guy, and hasn’t had any of the character development from the subsequent Thor films. If Loki does become a more nuanced character again, it will be through a different set of circumstances than before.

We also know that Loki will be traveling through time in this series, apparently impacting known historical events. One piece of concept art shown at Comic-Con features Loki in the streets of New York, in what looks to be 1975. We know it’s the mid ’70s because a movie theater marquee is showing Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, which came out that year. We also know that Loki will connect directly to WandaVision and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. This makes sense, as the Loki from Endgame is technically an alternate timeline version of the Loki Laufeyson we all know.

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At Comic-Con, Hiddleston said “You guys saw Avengers, right? He’s still that guy. And just about the last thing that happened to him was that he got Hulk-smashed, so there’s a lot of psychological evolution that hasn’t happened yet, but Kevin Feige has generously showed me what his plans are—I can’t tell you any of them—but it is one of the most exciting creative opportunities I think I’ve ever come across.”

Who Is Starring?
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Besides Tom Hiddleston as the titular God of Mischief, not much is known about who else besides himself and Owen Wilson is set to appear. The only other known casting is actress Sophia Di Martino, who has joined the cast as a co-star according to Variety. The British actress has appeared in Channel 4’s Flowers, and the feature film The Darkest Universe. It’s unknown what role she is playing. It could be an all-new character created just for the series, or it could be one with comic book history. Enchantress perhaps? We will have to wait and see.

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And no word on whether we will see a cameo appearance from Chris Hemsworth as Thor or not. While it will be interesting to see Loki divorced from all things having to do with his brother, it would also make sense for the God of Thunder to appear in some capacity.

Who is Behind-The-Scenes?

Michael Waldron, who is one of the producers of Rick & Morty, will oversee the Loki series and serve as showrunner, according to The Hollywood Reporter

When Will Loki Debut on Disney+?
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Marvel Studios official timeline revealed at Comic-Con and D23 indicates that Loki will hit in the spring 2021. This means it will arrive sometime between the May 7 theatrical release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the summer premiere of Marvel’s What If? anthology series. Both of these series have big story points dealing with alternate realities, so this is probably not a coincidence at all.

Is Loki an Ongoing Series?
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We still don’t know if this Loki series is meant to be a one season wonder, or if it designed to continue on. My feeling is that each season will be treated like a long movie, with a second season being entirely dependent on response to the first. The series is rumored to contain six episodes total, although that is subject to change.

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