Chris Hemsworth Sings “Hurt” as Sad Thor in AVENGERS: ENDGAME BTS Video

Of all the many twists and turns in Endgame, the most shocking might have been what happened to the strongest Avenger, Thor. Crestfallen over his failure to stop Thanos and his inability to undo the Snap, the King of Asgard fell into a pit of despair. You didn’t need Bruce Banner’s brain to realize he was in pain. Despite claiming to be fine, Thor clearly knew he was hurting, too. That is extremely clear in this amazing new musical behind-the-scenes video from Chris Hemsworth; there’s nothing in the world as depressing—or as funny—as Sad Thor singing an acoustic cover of “Hurt.”

Hemsworth posted this edited video of himself in his full Sad Thor getup playing the guitar and singing Johnny Cash’s iconic version of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt.” This is so on-the-nose perfect that it makes us sad when we think about poor Thor strumming it to himself late at night after Korg and Miek have gone to sleep. But when we think about Chris Hemsworth killing time on set between shots by being the funniest freaking person in the Nine Worlds, it totally kills us, like a head shot from Odinson himself.

The secret MVP of this video? The cast or crew member who filmed it without shaking with laughter the entire time. Now that’s a professional.

At some point, Marvel is going to decide that having almost all the money in the world isn’t enough, and they’re going to collect all of the behind-the-scenes videos that the cast shot during the making of Avengers: Endgame so they can release them all on a single Blu-ray that will cost $700.

Then our wallet will be what hurts.

Featured Image: Chris Hemsworth

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