This Is What Kit Harington Will Eventually Look Like in the MCU

Marvel Studios’ The Eternals trailer is giving us our first real glimpse into the MCU’s immortal race. But there is one Marvel hero debuting in The Eternals who is actually not an Eternal. We’re talking about Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. And he’s played by someone who knows a thing or two about swinging a sword, Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington. We only get one brief glimpse of Harington in the trailer, yet it’s still enough to get fans excited.

Sadly, we don’t actually see Harington wearing his Black Knight armor. But that hasn’t stopped MCU fans from letting their imaginations run wild. Cast in point, concept artist and God of War art director Raf Grassetti. In honor of the trailer he posted a concept design featuring Harington as Black Knight from 2019, giving us a glimpse of what the Black Knight comic book armor might look like on the big screen. We can only hope it looks as cool as this when we finally see Harington in action. You can check out his concept for Black Knight right here:

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If Kit Harington looks half as cool as he appears to in Grassetti’s artwork, we’re looking at a new fan-favorite hero in the making. In the comics, he joins the Avengers for a lengthy run in the early ’90s. During this era, he’s romantically linked with the Eternal named Sersi. With actress Gemma Chan playing Sersi in the film, are they setting these two up as a future Avengers power couple? Move over, Wanda and Vision.

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman in The Eternals, next to his Marvel Comics counterpart the Black Knight.

Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics

Marvel Studios should definitely take some cues from Grassetti’s artwork when developing future films. Not too long ago, Grassetti designs what he thinks the eventual MCU versions of the X-Men characters should look like. And they look picture perfect. We know Marvel Studios has many talented concept artists already. But if they have room for one more, we can’t think of one more well suited for the gig than Raf Grassetti.

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