Breaking Down All WANDAVISION’s Easter Eggs

WandaVision has arrived. Marvel’s meta-MCU TV-show-about-TV-shows is an utter delight. And like any good MCU story it’s filled with Easter eggs. From references to classic comics, deep-cut Marvel lore, and hints about the multiverse, there’s a ton to pick apart. As usual, we’re here to break them down for you. So let’s dig into the extraordinary Easter eggs of WandaVision.

Episode One – “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”

Poster for Wandavision.Marvel Studios

The debut episode feels like a tone setter. It leans into sitcom style storytelling, beginning with an I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke Show style credits sequence. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome and important references.

A Respectful Nod

A huge inspiration for WandaVision is Steve Englehart and Richard Howell’s 1985 miniseries The Vision and the Scarlet Witch. That’s why when we met Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart, we knew it was a nice nod to a comic creator who shaped the show. Also keep an eye out for Englehart’s “special thanks” in the credits.

Phil packs up his work belongings in a scene from WandaVision.Marvel Studios

Familiar Friends

When Wanda and Vision arrive in Westview they’re clearly the new kids in town. While the crew of characters are seemingly just normal neighbors, there are a couple of names that stand out. We’ve already pointed out that Agnes is likely Agatha Harkness. But Vision’s coworkers also have comics-relevant names. His new BFF Norm is probably named after Norman Webster, who sold Vision and Wanda a house during The Vision and the Scarlet Witch miniseries. Interestingly, Norman also had an affair with Wanda’s one-time sister-in-law, the Inhuman named Crystal. Could we see an unexpected crossover?

The big one to watch here is Phil Jones, who’s just been fired from Vision’s office when we meet him. In the comics, Phil’s married to the magical member of the Squadron Supreme known as Arcanna. Seeing as the Squadron Supreme are alt-universe heroes, they would fit into the multiverse of it all. So keep your eyes peeled around Phil.

Stark Toast Mate from WandaVision.Marvel Studios

Stark Strikes Back

During the advert break, we see a commercial for the “Toast Mate 2000.” The high-tech (for the time) toaster is promised to help housewives toast the perfect piece of bread. But the big moment comes at the end when we learn it was made by Stark Industries. Now the question is whether Stark ever made a toaster or if it’s a manifestation of wherever Wanda might be.

Episode Two – “Don’t Touch That Dial”

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Marvel Studios

If you felt like episode one didn’t have enough obvious comic book Easter eggs, then we’ve got good news. WandaVision episode two is filled with them. It all starts with that gorgeous Bewitched inspired animated opening which is stacked with secrets.

Infinity Stone stars from WandaVision.Marvel Studios

When the Moon Hits Your Eye like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s-a-Thanos

The credits open with a gorgeous illustration of the moon surrounded by six stars. The positioning of them and amount alludes to the Infinity Gems: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Power, and Reality. Of course, Vision has the Mind Stone in his head in this reality. But we know that something’s up and that reality has warped… could the gems be part of that?

Whose Helmet is Buried Under a House Like This?

If you watch very carefully—and pause a lot of times—you’ll catch a four-pronged helmet under the floorboards. It’s the Marvel villain Grim Reaper’s classic helmet that we see here. This is a very cool and bleak nod to two previous Vision comics. During Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3 (1982), the duo fight him. And in the first issue of The Vision (2015), Vision’s new wife Virginia kills the Reaper, burying him in the garden. While WandaVision follows a different iteration of Vision’s happy family, Virginia’s brain was based on Wanda’s brain patterns. Plus, the Reaper is the crazed half-brother of Simon Williams, who Vision’s brain was based on in the comics. We get another nod to him in this credits sequence so don’t be surprised if you see Simon Williams pop up soon.

WandaVision credits Bova supermarket sign.Marvel Studios

The Secret of the Supermarket Signs

There are three big Easter eggs here, the first of which made me scream out loud in my home. So what does “BOVA MILK” mean? Well, in comic book canon Bova was the humanoid cow who delivered Wanda and Pietro on Mount Wundagore. It’s a totally weird part of their history, but seems to be playing a big part in the WandaVision series.

The sign on the right is for Auntie A’s kitty litter. Even without the witchy black cat, this is clearly an allusion to Auntie Agatha a.k.a. Agatha Harkness. We may already know this witch in Wanda’s world as Agnes (Kathryn Hahn). Finally, on the left is a sign that seems to say Wonder Mints instead of Wonder Man. Remember Simon Williams, the man who Vision’s brain was based on in the comics? Well, that’s his superhero moniker.

The Whizzer, Is That You?

As Wanda and Viz stand in their animated living room we can see a small statue on their side table. What is it? At first glance it could be mistaken for Thor. But we reckon it’s actually the Whizzer, and the lesser known Marvel character has a strange connection to Wanda’s past. A central figure in the 1982’s Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2, the Whizzer claims to be Wanda’s father but later proves to be mistaken.

It gets more complex, though. When Wanda and her brother Pietro were kids on the mythical Mount Wundagore, Whizzer and his wife were offered the chance to adopt them but declined. So this Easter egg once again points to Wanda’s past playing a big part in the future of WandaVision.

A red and yellow helicopter stands apart against a black-and-white setting in WandaVision.Marvel Studios

The First Appearance of Vision

An early hint that things aren’t what they seem comes when Wanda heads outside to the garden. While there, she finds a colorful toy helicopter in their black and white world. The red and yellow helicopter is stamped with the number 57. The fact it’s so prominent means it’s hard to ignore. But what does it signify? Well, our favorite synthezoid first appeared in Avengers #57, so it’s a nice little nod to that. What are the bigger ramifications of the copter? We’re yet to find out.

Nothing Keeps Time Like a Strucker

During this week’s “advert break” we get a creepy watch commercial that harks back to the old MCU. The watch in the commercial is called “Strücker.” Baron von Strucker is the HYDRA agent who gave Pietro and Wanda their powers in the MCU, and in the comics is an Avengers big bad. In case that connection wasn’t enough, the watch even has the HYDRA logo on it. This could just be a nod to Wanda’s past, but the final moments of the show suggest it’s much more.

The High Evolutionary

Remember Bova, the humanoid cow we were so excited about? Well, we also meet a neighbor called Herb. In the comics, Herbert is the name of the High Evolutionary. The super-scientist runs Mount Wundagore, the safe haven where Bova delivers the twins. While we’re not saying that this is the exact same character, this is definitely not a coincidence. Perhaps this could be Wanda remembering her childhood? Or maybe HYDRA has captured the magical characters of the Marvel Universe and is holding them captive?

The High Evolutionary also has another connection to the main characters here, one that’s a bit more complex. In the comics, the High Evolutionary is notable for giving the Soul Gem to Adam Warlock. The intergalactic hero would go on to wear the gem on his forehead and draw powers from it. Sound familiar? In the MCU, Vision’s relationship with the Mind Stone closely mirrors that of Warlock and his own Infinity artifact. Speaking of which…

WandaVision mind stone box.Marvel Studios

Illusion and Glamour

Wanda and Vision take part in a slightly morbid talent show this episode. They perform under the names Illusion and Glamour. While there’s plenty of questions as to what repeated refrain “For the Children” means, the big Easter egg here is that the cabinet that the pair base their magic show around is adorned with the Mind Gem. Yep, the same gem in Vision’s head just happens to be on the doors of the “Cabinet of Mystery.” Also, their performance name is a really nice nod to The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #5 in which Vision goes to see his friends perform as the magic act Glamour and Illusion.

Who Was the Creepy Beekeeper?

Probably the biggest reveal dressed as an Easter egg this week was the beekeeper. He crawled from the manhole before Wanda rewound time. Not only did this give us a hint that Wanda was able to control the space they’re in, but also confirms HYDRA as a major potential antagonist. So who is the beekeeper? In Marvel Comics, beekeeper outfits are connected to A.I.M., a military science organization founded by Baron von Strucker. They’re colloquially known as such because their yellow uniforms make them look just like… beekeepers.

WandaVision beekeeper.Marvel Studios

This sets up another connection to Strucker in WandaVision. It gets even more interesting when we examine what A.I.M. is and what the group has done. In the comics, A.I.M. created the Cosmic Cube for the Red Skull. In the MCU, that’s known as the Tesseract, which was a containment vessel for the Space Stone. Though we’ve seen A.I.M. pop up in the MCU already in Iron Man 3, the organization was originally known as Them, a moniker they could use here. So basically, whether this is Wanda’s trauma resurfacing or an actual hint that HYDRA is back, you can expect to see more of A.I.M., HYDRA, and the beekeepers as the series goes on.

Episode Three – “Now in Color”

The third episode moves forward in time from the classic sitcoms of I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Bewitched. Now we’re in the era of The Brady Bunch, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Partridge Family. Like the other entries we begin with a credits sequence that showcases the television influences before diving into an episode full of deep-cut references.

The Honeycomb Conundrum
WandaVision in color

Marvel Studios

Hexagons feature heavily in the credits sequence and have been a recurring theme in the show. Not only are they a key part of the opening but we also see Monica/Geraldine wearing earrings that look like the shapes later. It’s all very honeycomb-esque, which makes us think of the beekeeper we saw in episode two. So could the honeycombs and hexagons be more of a hint that Baron Strucker and his evil A.I.M. henchies are involved? We think it might be.

Making an Escape

We also see Herb—who we think is the High Evolutionary—doing his best to trim his hedges and the wall between his and Wanda’s home. That’s probably because he’s fully aware of the fact he’s trapped in a strange pocket dimension that may or may not have been created by the hero. It’s also worth pointing out that the wall he’s cutting is yellow which could be a nod to the Mind Stone.

The X-Dress
Let's Break Down Those WANDAVISION Easter Eggs_2

Marvel Studios

Wanda is rocking a very ’70s look this week with a striped dress that features a huge red X across her chest. This could be a little tease about her X-Men background in the comics. But it could also represent the target that is clearly on our fave magic heroine.

Doing Some DIY

With a baby on the way, Wanda and Vision get into some classic home decorating shenanigans. And in a nice nod to Jeremy Simser, a storyboard artist who worked on WandaVision, the paint they use is called Simser paint! We love to see some good artistic credit Easter eggs.

The Baby Names

Like any normal married couple, Wanda and Viz have different ideas of what they want to call their little bundle of joy. This leads them to coming up with two potential names—how lucky—Tommy and Billy. If you’re a comic book fan you’ll likely recognize these names as the monikers for the twins that the pair have in the comics. Originally conceived via latent witch magic in New Salem, the pair were eventually revealed to be shards of Mephisto’s soul… all very tragic. As you can imagine, the birth of the children here will likely lead to more trouble.

Never Fear, the Young Avengers Are Here
Young Avengers from the comics

Marvel Comics

We don’t know if the sad events of the comics will come true here. But in those stories, after being erased from Wanda’s memory and essentially being written out of the comics, Billy and Tommy returned as the heroes Wiccan and Speed. They’re both part of the Young Avengers, who we’re expecting to see turn up in the MCU. Why? Well, with Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel, and America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and rumors swirling that Eli Bradley’s Patriot will show up in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the Young Avengers are assembling. So we can expect to see Billy and Tommy somehow become teen heroes in the future.

Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady (and a Creepy Doll)

In case you’re here for those good TV Easter eggs then look no further. When we see Vision practicing his diaper changing skills, he’s using a Kitty Karry-All doll. If you’re a fan of the The Brady Bunch you’ll recognize the doll as a favorite toy of Cindy’s.

Why Does WandaVision Want You to Care About Phil Jones?

We hear a lot about Phil Jones this episode; it’s almost like Marvel wants us to take note. We also learn that he’s married to Dottie. Those two things together led us to an interesting discovery. In the comics, Phil Jones is married to the magic user known as Arcanna, so we think that’s who Dottie actually is, even though that Mephisto theory was intriguing. This also leans into our theory that the neighbors in the town are actually other Marvel magic characters.

There are also a couple of other easter eggs in Phil Jones and Dottie’s house. Phil is reading a newspaper that says “Two Fire Hydr– added on Main Street” which once again hints at HYDRA. An ever darker nod is the lamp behind Phil, which has two children holding up the bulb. This could hint at the babies that we know are about to be born. But it could also reference the fact that in the comics Dottie and Phil had two kids who later died. We believe Westview might have been using their magic characters to create magic babies, but that Phil and Dottie failed. In other interesting lighting fixture news, they have an entire lamp covered in little Mind Stones.

Take a Relaxing Bath with Hydra Soak

The advert breaks in the episodes have all been very HYDRA themed and that doesn’t change this week. We get the relaxing HYDRA Soak commercial, which our very own Dan Casey noted is a reference to the famous 1978 Calgon “Take Me Away” commercial. While it’s another good old TV nod, it also works as a weird look into Wanda’s past. It’s all about a woman creating her own little reality. “Finding the goddess within” could relate to what happened when Wanda gained power via Strucker’s experiments, or it could have to do with Hecate—she’s a literal goddess with comic book connections to Agatha Harkness. That could connect to Agnes and her much theorized about brooch, which may feature Hecate and the three graces.

Coulson and the Blue Soap
Phil Coulson

Marvel Studios

Another fun thing that the HYDRA Soak commercial could be referencing is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You see, there’s an episode where Coulson is inside a virtual reality system and he poses a wild theory. He says, “That blue soap everyone uses? Hydra loads it up with chemicals, it seeps into our bloodstream, and plants false memories into our brains. They want us to believe this is a magical place.”

Honestly sounds a lot like it’s relevant to WandaVision. While we don’t expect a crossover anytime soon, this seems like a knowing wink.

That’s a Nice Necklace

Geraldine is wearing a sword logo as a shiny necklace. It’s a cool accessory that we’ll likely see in Hot Topic soon. But it also plays into her downfall when Wanda recognizes it a little later.

Animal Magic

Last week we met the bunny known as Señor Scratchy—who may or may not have been a reference to Agatha Harkness’ son Nick Scratch—and this week we got a stork. While the stork mostly represents Wanda’s waning control over her power, it could also mean more. The internet has proposed the stork is actually Mephisto, which is why Wanda’s magic didn’t work…

A Tender Moment Goes Wrong
Geraldine and Wanda

Marvel Studios

In one of the episode’s most powerful moments, Geraldine and Wanda bond over the twins’ crib. Just after Billy and Tommy are born, Wanda shares an unexpected memory. “I’m a twin,” she reveals. It’s the first time she’s mentioned her brother Pietro since Age of Ultron. She begins to sing a Sokovian lullaby but Geraldine/Monica interrupts. The apparent S.W.O.R.D. agent pushes Wanda to remember that her brother was killed by Ultron, which tips Wanda over the edge. The biggest thing here is that Pietro is mentioned at all. Rumors have been rife since WandaVision was announced that he might return and this makes us think those rumors may be correct.

The Great Escape

Herb isn’t the only one trying to escape this week. Vision has an interesting exchange with Dr. Nielsen which doesn’t bode well. “Small towns, you know, so hard to escape,” the doctor shares ominously. Almost immediately after Vision finds Herb and Agnes at the wall. It seems like they want to tell him something but instead reveal that they don’t trust Geraldine. Something weird is going on in Westview and the neighbors know about it.

She Went Home
Geraldine/Monica lying on her back

Marvel Studios

After their little Pietro spat, Wanda apparently ejects Monica out of the pocket dimension. She lands in what seems to be the real Westview and is surrounded by S.W.O.R.D. agents with guns. This hints that we’ll likely see more of the real world next episode. But we’ll have to wait and see…

Episode Four – “We Interrupt This Program”

Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo

Marvel Studios

There’s no cutesy TV opening here. Instead, we start with a horrifying opening that establishes where and when WandaVision is set, and that sets the tone for this week. And it all begins with Monica waking up in a hospital years after she’s been dusted by Thanos.

“Your Mom’s Dead.”

In a super sad turn of events we learn Maria Rambeau died of cancer three years after the blip. Monica only discovers this after waking up in her mom’s hospital room.

Pietro, Where Are You?

Speaking of that, Maria’s room was #104 which seems like a possible reference to Avengers #104. The issue features Wanda and her brother Pietro fighting the Sentinels—X-Men killing robots—but it ends with Pietro’s disappearance. A recurring theme in the issue numbers included this week are stories that feature mind control and this is no exception. Thor also stars in this and later issues referenced, which could hint at Darcy’s return this week.

S.W.O.R.D.’s Headquarters Secrets

As we look over the S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, they seem to once again be in a hexagon. The TVs within the headquarters are filled with little nods too. A news headline in S.W.O.R.D. headquarters references the blip. The news network, WHiH, is on the TV, which is where Christine Everhart from the Iron Man movies worked. There’s also Spectrum News; this is one of a few nods this week to Monica Rambeau’s alias, Spectrum.

Get to Know Monica Rambeau
Monica Rambeau touches the energy shield

Marvel Studios

As we see Monica meet the new director of S.W.O.R.D.—the organization that we discover her mother Maria “built from the ground up”—we get some really fun nods. We discover Monica is now Captain Rambeau, which is not only a rad new designation but also a reference to her original role as Captain Marvel in the comics, decades before Carol Danvers. There’s also a picture of her mom, Maria “Photon” Rambeau. In the comics, Photon was another of Monica’s aliases. And if you look closely, Monica is wearing a gold necklace with Captain Marvel’s starburst on it. But it could also be a reference to Monica’s own starshaped costume logos in the comics…

Pietro, Are You Near?

With Monica visiting Director Hayward, let’s look at his room number 101. With WandaVision we’ve often been going back to the Avengers comics. And once again Avengers #101 is another Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver-centric issue. While this all could be a coincidence, it doesn’t seem too wild to imagine that these are brilliantly placed teases by very nerdy production designers. Especially when every single issue seems to be relevant to Wanda and her ongoing journey.

Agent Jimmy Woo Returns!

If you’re a fan of Ant-Man and the Wasp, then you’ll recognize the awesome Randall Park. He’s back as FBI agent Jimmy Woo. And in an even cooler little Easter egg, when he first turns up he does the same magic trick that Scott was doing in that very good Ant-Man sequel.

Check Out That Patrol Car
Strange Tales issue 143

Marvel Comics

The cops who tell Jimmy and Wanda that Westview doesn’t exist are driving a car that says 1966 on the back. Guess who appeared in 1966: the High Evolutionary (who shares a name with Herb) in Thor #134. The cop car license plate also has the number #143 which is probably a reference to the 1966 comic Strange Tales #143. That issue is part of a big mind control storyline which features HYDRA (hello old friend) and the strange and rarely used S.H.I.E.L.D. ESP team.

Westview Does Exist and Might Have Some Secrets of Its Own

If we look at the Westview sign, the town is at elevation 203. This must be a reference to Avengers #203 which is an issue about Wonder Man (the man whose Vision’s brain is based on in the comics) fighting evil scientists who pop out of manholes and do dangerous experiments in their labs under the city… sound familiar?

First Appearance of Vision and an Interesting Pair of Boots

There’s that toy helicopter again. The S-57 on its side references Avengers #57, Vision’s first appearance. We also now know that it’s actually a S.W.O.R.D. drone. As Monica preps the drone, she’s wearing Magnum boots. They’re a real brand but we’re also hoping this is a conscious reference to the badass and very underused Marvel weapons designer Moses Magnum. Maybe he makes in-universe tactical gear?

Comedians in Cars Referencing Comics
Avengers issue 162 cover

Marvel Comics

Jimmy Woo’s car says S-8512 which could be referring to a couple of comics: 1985 had Squadron Supreme #12, which is relevant as we think Dottie might be a Squadron Supreme member. And Avengers #262 which was the December 1985 issue. It features a very Phase Four looking team and the Enclave, who first appeared in the issue Fantastic Four #66’s “What Lurks Behind the Beehive.” The Enclave also  created Adam Warlock, and we know that character has been a big touch point for this version of the Vision. So they seem like they might be another bee-themed potential antagonist… or ally to Wanda.

It Doesn’t Want Us in There

Monica seems like she’s the only one who can see the force field which seems to be a reference to her powers as Spectrum. What are those powers? A Marvel fan wiki explains, “Due to bombardment by extra-dimensional energies, Monica can transform herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. Among the many energy forms, she has assumed and is able to control are gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, electricity, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves.”

That could explain why she can perceive the field.

Darcy and the Second S.W.O.R.D. Base

Darcy, we missed you! No, she’s not an Easter egg but she’s so cool. And as she heads into the Westview S.W.O.R.D. base we discover a ton of little tidbits. First up, the S.W.O.R.D. base is in New Jersey, which is a big ol’ classic Easter egg because in the old Vision and Scarlet Witch series the pair move to the suburbs of New Jersey to a town called Leonia.

Darcy’s Cool Tech

In another nod to Monica’s powers in this episode, we get Darcy’s “Spectrum Analyzer.” Darcy also uses a very retro “Neurological Amplifier” that looks similar to the device we saw represent Arnim Zola in the Captain America movies. As an X-Men fan, I can’t stop myself from thinking that it also sounds a lot like what Cerebro is. But in a more direct canon reference there’s a Guardians of the Galaxy animated episode about a Neuro Amplifier, so let’s just go with that! We also learn a little later that it was Darcy watching the end of the first episode of WandaVision.

The Bees! The Bees!

The Beekeepers, baby! They’re back. And just as many suggested, they’re working for S.W.O.R.D. On the monitors in the S.W.O.R.D. base it looks like, once again, that Westview and the forcefield is actually in the shape of a hexagon. What’s with all these bee vibes? Our new theory is centered around those strange villains known as the Enclave.

More Comic Books for Your Perusing Pleasure
Avengers issue 348 cover

Marvel Comics

As the S.W.O.R.D. agents monitor Westview, their big screen has some numbers on it. And yes, of course we think they’re relevant to certain comics. One of the biggest hints is “A105.” We’ll take a stab and say they’re really doubling down on the Quicksilver going missing arc that began with issue #104 which was referenced at the open of this episode.

The screen also says satellite 348. And Avengers #348 seems relevant! Vision is on the cover (pictured above) kissing the wife of the (not Wonder) man whose brain patterns he’s (also) based on. It also seems important to note this is White Vision. That will become scarily pertinent at the end of this episode. Also, upcoming MCU Eternals hero Black Knight is in this issue.

Jimmy Woo’s Conspiracy Board

Just like everyone else, Jimmy is wondering what’s behind everything. His notes on board mention Skrulls and even maybe Celestials. The former are the seemingly friendly shapeshifters we first met in Captain Marvel. But in the comics they’re nefarious villains and will be taking on that role in the announced Secret Invasion series on Disney+. As for the latter, while we only see half of the word it seems likely Woo would consider the Celestials. Especially as S.W.O.R.D. would almost certainly know about the omnipotent beings we’ll meet in The Eternals.

Also notable is that Jimmy lists two agents as having entered Wanda’s Westview zone. The most important thing here is when this scene takes place chronologically. Monica is already Geraldine inside of the containment area, but this is before the S.W.O.R.D. agent in a beekeeper suit has attempted to enter through the sewers. So who’s the other person on the inside?

There’s No Place Like Home

The real identity of the Westview inhabitants has been revealed here. Rather than the magic characters we thought, it seems that most of them are Wizard of Oz style projections of Wanda’s comic book past on random inhabitants of the real town of Westview. And, of course, as always there are some fun Easter eggs in their “real” names.

(Mrs. Hart) Sharon Davis: A supervising art director for WandaVision

(Phil Jones) Harold Proctor: Seems too much of a coincidence to not be at least a tease to the X-Men‘s evil Coordinator Proctor. He was the leader of Dept H (H / Harold?), a mutant experimentation program, and Proctor in the comics was the head of “Youth Acceleration” which is exactly what we see happening to Billy and Tommy in the show.

(Herb) John Collins: An art director on WandaVision

There’s also no entry for Dottie, which seems important. Could she be the S.W.O.R.D. agent inside the compound already?

Agnes waits on direction from Wanda

Marvel Studios

Agnes doesn’t have a real ID. hinting that S.W.O.R.D. doesn’t know her real identity. That leans into the theory that she is Agatha Harkness. Now the big question is how and why she has entered the world? Is it to try and save Wanda or possibly to stop her? Maybe she was even trapped there by Wanda herself, who needed more magic to achieve her traumatized plan.

Censorship and Magic

Throughout this episode we realize that we’ve been seeing a different edit of the episodes than Darcy and Woo. They don’t know that Wanda and Dottie heard the radio, and they saw a different version of what happened to Geraldine. So who is censoring the broadcast?

House of M, Baby. House of M.

Well, we get that answer in the shocking ending. The screen ratio shifts from full to cinematic wide as we revisit episode three and see Wanda questioning Geraldine. She also uses her powers to violently throw Monica out of the reality bubble. So it looks like Wanda is controlling Westview House of M style.

Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Worse
Dead Vision vision

Marvel Studios

In case you thought WandaVision‘s sad secrets had all been revealed, you were wrong. We see Vision in his true form: dead, gray, and looking like a zombie. This is not only obviously going to be a huge plot point, but is a direct reference to White Vision. After his consciousness is wiped in the comics, he returns looking very much like WandaVision‘s scary dead colorless Vision, except he doesn’t have a huge wound in his forehead. This really scared us.

Voodoo Child

Just like “Daydream Believer” in episode three, episode four’s final song has lots to say. “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” by Jimi Hendrix blares and honestly it could mean so much. It feels like a reference to Wanda’s magically created children. It could also be about a potential deal with the devil—cough Mephisto cough—and the lyrics are relevant. “If I don’t meet you no more in this world then I’ll meet ya on the next one.”

That’s basically just Wanda and her nightmarish new world with Vision. There’s also “I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time I’ll give it right back to ya one of this days,” which could very much relate to her imprisoned neighbors.

Episode Five – “On a Very Special Episode…”

Scarlet Witch and Vision face-off in their living room

Marvel Studios

It’s Her Sitcom You’re Just Living in It

We’re going back to the ’80s this week, friends. We start off with the Family Ties/Full House inspired setting. The latter is, of course, a reference to Elizabeth’s sisters starring in Full House. There’s a cheeky Bruce Springsteen nod in the opening too. You might recognize the first of the postcards as a reference to “Greetings From Asbury Park,” which is another hat tip to New Jersey too. We also get references to the Family Ties opening credits with the illustration coming to life. Plus, using childhood photos of the cast is lifted directly from the Growing Pains opening credits. If you weren’t convinced of the Full House refs, we also get the end of the opening credits reference which takes from the Full House opening, with the pan away from the family having a picnic.

Those Carol Danvers Colors

The drone that was sent into Westview early on in the season had a red, yellow, and blue Captain Marvel motif, and we see that repeated in Wanda and Vision’s home in episode five. There are red, yellow, and blue stained glass windows, and their couch echoes the colors too.

Agatha, Is That You?
Agatha Harkness in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Yes, we’ve been banging this drum for a while, but it’s because it’s a good and correct drum! In this episode we get a lot more hints that Agnes is Agatha Harkness. She states, “Auntie Agnes is here and I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve.” Because she’s a witch! Get it?! Also, in the comics Wanda calls her Aunt Agatha. We also get a weird moment where Agnes seems to know they’re in a TV show, saying, “Shall we take it from the top?”

Is Agnes knowingly there to help Wanda? Does she know more than we think? There’s also the line, “What kind of babysitter do you think I am?” The comics first introduced as the Fantastic Four’s babysitter.

Breaking Down the Opening Theme

The opening theme had some ominous lyrics. In case you’d like to pick them apart, here they are in all their glory:

You enter the world with a Vision of what life could be / But then the years come and teach you to just wait and see / Forces may try to pull us apart / But nothing can phase me if you’re in my heart / Crossing our fingers singing a song / We’re making it up as we’re going along / Through the highs and the lows / We’ll be right, we’ll be wrong / We’re making it up as we go along / And there will be days we don’t know which way to go / We’ll take it higher you’re all I desire / When the going gets tough / When push comes to shove / We’re making it up / Cause we’ve got love / WandaVision
Kids in Color
Wanda with Tommy and Billy

Marvel Studios

Both of the kids wear the corresponding colors to their superhero costumes: Kid Tommy wears green (the color of Speed’s costume). Kid Billy wears red (the color of Wiccan’s costume).

The Spectrum of Her Powers

Monica’s “failed” MRI scan looks like it’s a representation of her Spectrum powers. This really seems to be a route that WandaVision is following. We think we might see Monica with powers by the end of the season. The big question, though, is how she got them? The Blip? Leaving Westview? An earlier space adventure we don’t yet know about?

A Recognizable Rag

The Daily newspaper on which we see the story about the Sokovian tragedy that killed Wanda’s parents is the newspaper from the MCU’s version of Lagos, which is of course where Wanda destroyed the building at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War. For those keeping count, we also see the WHiH news network again here too.

Some Comics to Read
Vision talking to Norm

Marvel Studios

Next to the newspaper clippings the phrase “satellite 348” is clearly visible again. Last week we thought it could be a ref to Avengers #348. A114 and A113 appear clearly on screen too, likely references to Avengers #114 and #113. These seem particularly relevant.

On the cover of Avengers #113, Vision is dead and Wanda is furious. The story follows a group of terrorists who are dedicated to separating Wanda and Vision as they don’t agree with a mutant and a Synthezoid being together… a very pointed Easter egg.

In Avengers #114 “Night of the Swordsman” Wanda struggles with the fact that Pietro doesn’t support her relationship with Vision. And then he turns up in this episode! The issue includes appearances from upcoming Hawkeye character Swordsman, as well as Mantis, Thor, and Black Panther.

Later, we also see that Computational Services is revealed to be at street number #103. If it’s referencing the Avengers, #103 is part of an ongoing arc we’re seeing referenced over these last two episodes. It’s an X-Men heavy arc that leans on Wanda and her lost brother Pietro.

A Definitive Reading of Wanda’s Power

Wanda’s powers have rarely been defined in the MCU but we get S.W.O.R.D.’s reading of them here: Neuroelectronic Interfacing, Telekinesis, and Mental Manipulation. That first phrase is particularly interesting, as is that last one… how far do Wanda’s powers of manipulation go?

The Scarlet… Who?

Director Hayward references the fact that Wanda has never had a nickname, which is true. Although she has been credited as Scarlet Witch, she has never been called it in the MCU. But Tony did call her a witch in Age of Ultron. Maybe we’ll get the Scarlet Witch moniker this season.

A scene from West coast Avengers #43

Marvel Comics

Also if you’re a big comics fan you might have recognized the sequence where Wanda steals Vision corpse as a re-creation of this above panel from West Coast Avengers #43. Hayward also says thousands of people are being held hostage in Westview. So where is everyone else?

Another interesting thing to note is that those beekeeper looking hazmat suits turn up again in the S.W.O.R.D. footage which shows Wanda stealing Vision’s body.

An Enigmatic Aerospace Engineer

As Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy do their best to uncover the enigmas of Westview, Monica realizes something that feels like it might be key going forward. She knows an aerospace engineer who might be up for helping them. We have a fantastic theory about who that could be.

Some Maybe Easter Eggs Which Could Mean Nothing or Everything

The crew is watching WandaVision on a Solid State TV. It’s a real type of TV and Solid State just has to do with the electronic configuration of the insides. But it also feels like a nice little way to reference Vision’s ability to phase and the (un)solid state of reality.

Back in Wanda’s dream home, her fridge has a letter “B” on it with a bee on it. That seems to once again go back to those darn bees and hexagons! There’s also a tiger statue on the kitchen table, which probably means nothing but seeing as we’ve had so many Mount Wundagore references at this point we’re throwing the name Tigra into the pot. A genetically enhanced tiger! Stranger things have happened.

Billy and Tommy and Their Little Dog Too!

The kids get and lose a dog named Sparky here which is a reference to the Vision (2015) series. Jimmy Woo states that Wanda and Vision will be “empty nesters by dinner time” hinting that Billy and Tommy’s aging up will lead to them becoming teenagers and leaving home. Or it could just be a cool reference to the Golden Girls spinoff series Empty Nest.

Hexes and Grudges

Darcy is calling the anomaly a Hex, which is a very fun reference to Wanda’s hex power in the comics. We also learn about Monica and her relationship to Carol Danvers here. When Jimmy brings her up, Monica doesn’t seem to want to talk about Carol or even really like her. That makes sense as Carol abandoned Monica and Maria twice.

The House of M

Though it’s clear to anyone who’s read the comics that we’re in House of M territory here, Monica lets us know we’re past the working theory stage stating, “Wanda is rewriting reality.”

Is the Mind Stone Still Around?
Wanda stands next to Vision looking surprised

Marvel Studios

Does Vision have some of the Mind Stone still within him? The yellow power he uses on Norm suggests that’s the case. And there’s also the fact that we see a lot of yellow around the house and in the show in general. It seems like someone or something is still connected to the Mind Stone, but we’ll have to wait and see who.

TVs on Repeat?

Last week on Norm’s ID sheet in the S.W.O.R.D. base mentioned Vision waking him up out of Wanda’s spell, but we only see that episode this week and never saw it before. So are Wanda’s episodes on repeat? Or was this a simple continuity goof?

An Unintentionally Cruel Slight
Wanda, Vision, and their babies

Marvel Studios

“It’s only temporary, like the two of you..” Wanda said to her two magic children this week. Seeing as in the comics they truly are temporary this seems like a dark line. But this episode also does a good job of establishing that everything in Wanda’s Westview is real. Maybe this is a nod to the boys’ comic book past, as things will be different in this world.

Time for a Commercial Break

The creepy commercials are back! This time we got a carton of Westview Juicery Juice. And when that juice spills, the mother uses Lagos Brand paper towels, referencing the disaster that Wanda caused in Captain America: Civil War.

Paying Credit to the Creative Team

During the fake credits that Wanda and Vision fight through as the episode ends we get a murderers row of behind the scenes WandaVision creatives!

  • Carly Plasha – Matt Shakman’s assistant
  • Jeremy Simser – art director
  • Leeann Patrick – post-production coordinator
  • Brandi Hawkins – extra casting assistant
  • Virginia Burton – costume supervisor
  • Scott McPhate – visual effects production manager
  • Crawford Norman – Teyonah Parris’ assistant
  • Temple Tucker – set production assistant
Interior Design via Easter Eggs

It’s the little things that excite us here and two production design choices in this episode are nothing short of magic. To the side of Wanda’s front door, the curtains on the windows are dressed to make an M as Wanda and Vision argue in front of them. And the bench underneath the window also has W & M for Wanda Maximoff, Wonder Man, Wundagore Mountain… so satisfying.

“She Recast Pietro?!”
Pietro's arrival

Marvel Studios

Not that you likely need us to tell you this but yes, that’s Evan Peters’ Quicksilver who rings the doorbell as the episode ends.

Episode Six – “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”

I Know That Show!

This week we begin with a Malcom in the Middle inspired opening heavily influenced by the 2000s sitcom series’ theme and credits.

The camera display also has some little potential nods. The “W” and “T” representing the Wide / Tight framing immediately made us think of William and Thomas who are controlling the camera. Plus, we see a little 01:48 on the screen. That could definitely be a reference to Avengers #148 which is a Squadron Supreme issue starring Wanda. If you remember our thoughts on Dottie, the Squadron Supreme seems like they could be very relevant.

Let’s Go Back to Wundagore

Is team Nerdist the number one Wundagore conspiracy theorist hub? Definitely! Are we ashamed? Definitely not! During a blink and you’ll miss it moment, we see a flowery painting behind Wanda in the opening which we think looks quite like the Wundagore Everbloom. It’s a rare flower from Wanda and Pietro’s birthplace which is also connected to Agatha Harkness and her connection with Wanda… GIVE US THOSE BLOOMS! ALSO BOVA!!!

Happy Halloween!
Scarlet Witch and Vision out for Halloween

Marvel Comics

The Halloween setting here is very relevant to the classic The Vision and the Scarlet Witch comic book miniseries which have played a huge part in shaping the show. The first issue of the 1982 Vision and the Scarlet Witch series is set entirely at Halloween. And issue five of the follow-up series, The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, is also set during the spooky holiday.

Thanks to the fun of the holiday we get to see Billy in his Wiccan costume for the first time and it’s so sweet. Tommy is not wearing his costume but he does don white with green down the middle; that represents his Speed costume. And he’ll later get a speedster outfit of his own in a mini-Quicksilver costume when we see him and Pietro share the classic look. We also get Wanda in her iconic original Scarlet Witch outfit where she reveals the costume as “a Sokovian fortune teller.” And Vision is also in his classic comics look, which the pair claim is a luchador costume.

Later we see other interesting Halloween decorations and costumes. When we first head into the streets of Westview, we see three witches by a cauldron and a big black cat. That screams Agatha Harkness. The three witches are particularly relevant as Agatha is often wearing a three person brooch which seems to hint at Hecate, the three-faced goddess.

Herb being dressed as Frankenstein’s monster is a particularly smart nod as we’ve mentioned before he shares a name with the High Evolutionary. That character is Marvel’s very own Dr. Frankenstein who experiments on creatures at Wanda and Pietro’s birthplace in Mount Wundagore.

Some Little Things to Check Out

The kids and Quicksilver drink Kane Soda; Mary Kane was the line producer on WandaVision. We wish this was a Garrison Kane reference but that would be pushing it even for us… still, google Garrison Kane and Marvel for fun.

Pietro says he has the “old X-Y chromosome.” Having a mutant say he has the X (anything) Chromosome is too much of a tease.

The S.W.O.R.D. Base Is Back

Back in the S.W.O.R.D. base, we’re returned to the world of Hayward, Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy. And as many of you eagle-eyed fans noticed, Monica’s S.W.O.R.D. clothes look a lot like a Fantastic Four costume. We also get the first of many numbers which could be a comics reference here with the #345 on the wall of the base. It could very likely be a little nod to Avengers #345 which is a deep space story featuring Scarlet Witch and the Shi’ar.

What You Talking About, Pietro?
Wanda sees Pietro again

Marvel Studios

Pietro mentions Shangri-La to Wanda. While it sounds like he’s just saying that she’s created heaven on Earth, there are bigger Marvel ramifications here. Marvel Mystery Comics #45 features a story called “The Vision’s Secret,” in which a group of Japanese operatives discover the hidden city of Shangri-La. The city contains the secrets of life and death and is ruled by… the Vision. But not this Vision. No, that was a Golden Age version of the Vision. Also known as Aarkus, he is a character from another dimension called Smokeworld who eventually came to Earth and fought alongside the Invaders in World War II.

That Creepy Commercial

We got a very creepy stop-motion ’90s inspired commercial which could mean a lot of things. It seems to star a boy wearing Billy’s red shirt with Billy-esque hair who is starving to death on an island but is given a “Yo Magic” to nourish him. Sadly, he still starves to death, implying that Wanda’s magic cannot sustain life. But there are other readings too as it could also signify someone feeding off of Wanda, or even more gnarly: maybe it represents her feeding off others.

The Coronet

On the banner of the cinema we see The Parent Trap and The Incredibles. These are obvious but relevant. Parent Trap is a famous twins movie and The Incredibles is about a dysfunctional family of superheroes.

Agnes Is a Witch
Agnes dressed like a witch and laughing

Marvel Studios

We’ll have a bigger explainer on this, but Agnes being dressed as a witch seems to be relevant to the theory that she is actually Agatha Harkness. And then there’s the fact that she knows who Vision is when he “frees” her mind and knows that he’s dead…

Let’s Read Some Comics!

This episode has tons of nods that could be comic book references so get out your notebooks. On Darcy’s computer we see numbers that include a ton of potential Avengers issues including Avengers #247, which is an Eternals and Scarlet Witch issue. Avengers #207 is another issue centering Wonder Man; in the comics he is the basis for Vision’s consciousness. Avengers #113 is a recurring issue number we’ve seen and spoken about at length, and does seem relevant. Scroll up to find out more about that very sad and good stuff. Avengers #465 features Monica Rambeau as Photon in the Avengers. Sounds like that could come true…

Avengers #123 is a big cosmic adventure featuring Scarlet Witch and a ton of potential MCU Phase Four characters. The next issue referenced, Avengers #214, heavily features Tigra, who is one of the West Coast Avengers. I believe she might even come into play before the season ends.

Then we have Avengers #340. It centers on a villain who brainwashes young boys… which seems incredibly relevant as Billy and Tommy become far more important to the series. Jocasta is a character we haven’t talked about, but she’s has been popping up more and more. She’s the lead in Avengers #170 alongside Wonder Man in a wild alt-universe and Ultron themed adventure. We also get a possible nod to Avengers #354, too. That issue centers on our old theory fave: The Grim Reaper.

Doctor Doom comic book cover

Marvel Comics

This one had to get its own subheading. We see #25 on Darcy’s screen and Avengers #25 is literally called “ENTER DOCTOR DOOM!” Seeing as we’re currently theorizing that a member of the Fantastic Four might be Monica’s aerospace friend, this one seems like it’s almost certainly a direct reference rather than a “is this an Easter egg?” meme.

Thanks to the Creative Team

Also a couple of other shout-outs to WandaVision crew here with James Gadd. Jimmy Gadd works in post-production at Marvel Studios, and James Alexander makes another appearance. Later we also get a gravestone shoutout to WandaVision‘s first AD, Janell Sammelman.

Monica’s Powers

We’ve been sure that Monica Rambeau will get powers and this episode seemed to confirm that. But unlike our previous theory—that they might come from the Blip—it appears she’ll get them from the Hex. It’s changing her molecular structure with each journey in. And she’s going back again with the help of her aerospace engineer, who will likely bring her a comics-accurate suit whenever they finally connect in the wake of this episode.

Vision and the Avengers #233
Comic showing the Vision phasing

Marvel Comics

Vision walking out of the barrier echos this powerful moment in Avengers #233. The moment takes place during an arc which is all about a barrier that pops up. The barrier incapacitates Vision, and then Scarlet Witch gets super stressed. That ties directly into this episode.

That Iconic House of M Cover
House of M cover with Scarlet Witch coming apart

Marvel Comics

When Vision gets sucked back into Westview, his costume comes off in puzzle pieces like the famous House of M cover featuring Scarlet Witch. This is such a cool visual nod and I just really appreciate them getting it in there especially during this emotional charged moment.

The Boys Are All Grown Up

By the end of this episode both of the boys level up. Tommy gets his speedster powers after running with Quicksilver. And as the episode closes, Billy gains his Wiccan powers when he’s trying to save his dad.

One More Thing..
Columbo looking tired


Just like Columbo leaving a case, we have one more Easter egg for you this week. As Wanda expands the Hex and transforms the town, we see Bernie’s Used Cars. That’s more likely than not a reference to Bernie’s Sporting Goods in The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 where the Grim Reaper has a massive showdown with them. Bernie is a very specific name, after all.

Episode Seven “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

Wanda lying in bed with covers to her chin

Marvel Studios

The Morning After

Wanda is finally coming to terms with reality and with that comes the modern age. We begin this episode with a Modern Family straight-to-camera set-up that features a few little treats. Wanda’s hexagon-covered bed cover and pillow set continues the shapely theme. Wanda also admits she created the false world here, which is a first. Billy and Tommy are in their costume colors again, which is always cute.

Behind Wanda’s bed we see two pastoral paintings. One features a large castle or mansion. Could it be the X-Mansion? The castle where Baron von Strucker kept the twins? The twins really want Wanda’s help as their video game is “going crazy.” Their game controllers start as Wiimotes, then GameCube controllers, then Atari joysticks, and finally a bunch of Uno cards. Fun times!

Kane soda is back in the fridge, shouting out line producer Mary Kane. There’s a creepy clown on the Sugar Snaps cereal box that references the circus Wanda created. Also, Sugar Snaps is probably a reference to the Snap! Dun dun duh. The back of the cereal box has a maze and the company Sweeney’s could reference Max Sweeney, who works as a digital assets manager on the show. Love how they keep working in shout-outs to the creative team. It’s wonderful. Finally, Wanda’s milk carton is phasing through eras because she’s clearly losing control of the Hex.

World’s Best Wanda
Wanda Maximoff talks to the camera Modern Family style in a new WandaVision promo clip.

Marvel Studios

This week we get a The Office-inspired credits sequence with a very The Office sounding theme. The opening credits made us think of Happy Endings too. Don’t worry if you’re missing the creepy lyrics we usually get—just wait util the final act.

The opening credits feature Wanda’s name repeated again and again, reflecting her “day to herself.” Some fun notes are that the tape says Master Wanda. It’s fun to imagine who Wanda’s master is or whether Wanda is the Master of her own destiny… or maybe, the Marvel villain Master Pandemonium?! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

We also see Wanda written in the sky like the Wicked Witch of the East does in Wizard of Oz, which becomes very pertinent later. We also get some blink and you’ll miss it hostage letter style cut outs which say, “I know what u are doing Wanda.” There’s another big potential Easter egg here too, and it deserves its own subheading and paragraph!

Dossier Number 122822

When we see Wanda’s license plate, it has the number 122822 above it. As you’ll know if you read our Easter egg updates, we love a random number. But this number has a weird relevance. Thanks to Avengers Alliance wiki, we discovered the existence of Dossier #122822. Avengers Alliance was a turn-based social-network game. Anyway you can read the contents of the Dossier below:


The Pulse originated in deep space, but its point of origin is uncertain and estimates vary widely. S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientific staff, working in conjunction with Reed Richards, is attempting to pinpoint the source by working backward from the minute differences in recorded times of impact and different locations across Earth’s surface. NATURE Fundamentally the Pulse was an electromagnetic wave of singular power and integrity, with a velocity at its wavefront approaching the speed of light.”

Comics to Read

In case that’s not a reference to a now defunct video game plot, it could also be a nod to Avengers #122, which has an ominous cover headline. That headline states: The Final Battle. It’s a deep space Scarlet Witch and Vision story, but the Final Battle part seems the most relevant here. Next up is Avengers #1, not because there’s a one anywhere in the episode but because in that issue, they’re at a circus. In the 1963 comic, the team assembles for the first time at a circus where the Hulk performs. It’s really silly and fun and features upcoming Disney+ TV star Loki, who is the real reason the team gets together in the first place. It’s peak Jack Kirby goodness so make sure to pick this one up.

We also see a license plate on a red Dodge truck that ends with A9X. It’s almost certainly a nod to X-Men #9. That’s the first time the mutants fully crossed over with the Avengers. The strangest teens of all are joined by Earth’s mightiest heroes and a character called Lucifer… plus we get “the return of Professor X,” which seems relevant and cool.

Later on, we see a S.W.O.R.D. truck—the one Jimmy and Monica are in—and there’s a #354. That could be an Avengers nod as the issue features the Grim Reaper, good old Simon Williams’ brother (as a reminder that’s who Vision’s brain was based on in the comics.).

Circus Nods
Darcy wrapped up in chain with a lock at the circus

Marvel Studios

According to the circus world, S.W.O.R.D. now stands for the Spectacular World of Rapturous Diversion. It’s fun and scary and we like it. Also, Darcy is an escape artist which is great foreshadowing of her inevitable escape from the Hex.

Family Matters

We get some interesting moments as Wanda loses her grip on the Hex but becomes more attuned to reality. She tells the twins that Pietro isn’t the boys’ uncle, meaning she knows he’s not Aaron Taylor Johnson. Sadly, it doesn’t give her enough pause to see what’s coming. She also has a funny quip referencing her dead hubby. “Vision is made of Vibranium, they literally inherited tough skin.”

And just as she’s hoping for alone time, guess who shows up? Agnes and she’s trying to get alone time with the kids again… which she does an awful lot.

Home Sweet Home

There’s a couple of fun things going on in Wanda’s wacky house this episode. One thing to note: Westview vs. Rochelle on the TV. In the comics, Punisher visits a town called New Rochelle. There’s a cow picture behind Wanda, and we’re taking that as another Bova reference, baby. Also, notice that Wanda is also a big fan of plant-themed decor, which seems abstract until we reach the final act of the episode.

Shout-Out to the Old School
Captain Marvel #1 cover

Marvel Comics, MD Bright

There are lots of recurring 82s this week. And honestly, in the whole show. This is a reference to both the creation of Monica Rambeau in 1982 and the first Vision and Scarlet Witch miniseries the same year. It was a solid year for weird comics.

The Truth about S.W.O.R.D.

Shocking no one, Director Hayward is a bad dude. In fact, he’s such a bad dude that he let Wanda take Vision in order to bring the Synthezoid back online. Why? He wants to use Vision as a weapon. And that sucks. Luckily, Monica and Jimmy are on the case. Speaking of Monica, her badass new S.W.O.R.D. vehicle is also shaped as a hexagon from the front. The Hex! Also, in a nice artistic nod, Vision’s schematics look like Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man.”

Roll Up, Roll Up

When we head back to the circus, there’s a performer whose costume echoes Jean Grey as Phoenix. The clown painting outside the circus looks like the clown on the Sugar Snaps box. It’s creepy! Speaking of creepy, let’s talk about…

Creepy Commercial for Nexus
WandaVision's Nexus drug ad

Marvel Studios

This is extremely relevant and ultra bloody cool because of what the Nexus is. Let’s review: “The Nexus of All Realities is a cross-dimensional gateway which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities, this includes realities between realities. It is unknown whether it was created by some being or just if it’s the one place in the entire multiverse where all realities naturally intersect.”


Also, the drug lists an ingredient at 10.3%… #103 is back again, Avengers #103. Hello, my old friend. This is a repeating issue number in the series and points towards a Pietro and Wanda tale. Scroll up for  previous entries to read more about it.

According to the commercial, Nexus helps confront your truth and seize your destiny. If the commercials are from whoever is controlling stuff trying to guide Wanda, then it seems like they want to make/breach a multiverse. We have more on that here!

Home Not So Sweet Home

We finally got to go into Agnes’ house this week. Billy’s powers don’t work in Agnes’ house, because “Agnes is quiet on the inside.” That sounds sad but it’s actually more disturbing.

Marvel vs. Capcom
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was originally an arcade game, but later came to consoles.


While Monica prepped to head into the Hex, one of her S.W.O.R.D. colleagues says Capcom. It may well be some military term we don’t know (it can stand for Civilian Assistance Patrol and Civilian Operational Managemen) but obviously we thought of Capcom. And because we were thinking of Capcom in a Marvel show, we were thinking of Marvel vs. Capcom.

Monica Goes into the Hex

We see Monica typing these numbers on the screens in her rover: 3-89. This could be a nod to the West Coast Avengers #42 from March 1989, “One of our Androids is Missing.” I mean, that title is just too good not to include. Also, it could be The Avengers #301 from March 1989 which is a Fantastic Four and Avengers mind control issue. Relevancy!

We hear Jimmy saying, “The density is matching her.” This echoes not only Vision’s power but also kind of Monica’s powers from the comics which we are about to see come to life because…

Spectrum Arrives
Monica looks up with bright blue eyes

Marvel Studios

MONICA RAMBEAU GOT HER POWERS! She can see the Spectrum of light. She is Spectrum. We’ve talked about this a lot in this post—feel free to go back and read more about the amazing woman who was the first female Captain Marvel—but we are just so happy that we had to celebrate this here. After going through the Hex again, Monica becomes superpowered. Her own bravery and willpower afforded her powers and it couldn’t be a more fitting origin.

A New Version of Vision

Vision relearning his own past in those wonderful scenes with Darcy is very similar to White Vision / Vision Quest storyline. The story sees Vision rewritten with no memory of his love for Wanda or his human emotions. While we’re not quite there yet, don’t be surprised to see this tragic story get even more sad as we move towards the finale.

The Root of All Evil

Throughout the whole series we’ve seen pictures of plants. Agnes has many paintings of plants on the walls in her house, and in the basement we see roots overrunning the lair. We’d been wondering if these were nods to the Wundagore Everbloom and heck maybe that’s what Agnes is cultivating. But whatever it is, the plants were definitely pointing to her witchiness.

That Magic Book
A dark image of Agatha Harkness' spell book from WandaVision episode 7

Marvel Studios

Could that be the Darkhold we see before us? If it is, that’s a big deal. That book holds all the magic in the Marvel Universe. Or maybe it’s an unnamed Druid Tome like the one Captain America gave Wanda in the comics? Either way, we’ve got a big breakdown on everything you need to know about that cheeky magical book right here!

Agatha Harkness Revealed

It’s finally come. The day we’ve all been waiting for: Agnes is finally revealed as Agatha Harkness. I’m most happy I won’t have to keep typing Agnes/Agatha in theories anymore. Also, she’s wearing her brooch again. She’s cool, she’s evil, we love her.

And wait. Is that the villain Samhain on her brooch? It’s a new theory but an image from Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1 looks very similar.

It was Agatha All Along
A gif shows Agatha Harkness going into her house with the text Agatha All Along in bones

Marvel Studios

Not only is Agnes actually Agatha but we also get one of the best sitcom openings yet. Inspired by The Munsters, we learn it’s been Agatha causing all this drama for Wanda.

“Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha all along. Who’s been pulling every evil string? It’s been Agatha all along. She’s insidious. So perfidious. That you haven’t even noticed and the pity is, it’s too late to fix anything now everything has gone wrong. Naughty Agatha. It’s been Agatha all along.”

This means we probably saw Agatha’s creepy hand controlling Pietro. Also, Agatha killed Sparky! How dare she?! But we forgive her since she’s just really, really cool.

Our First Marvel Studios TV Mid-Credits Scene

Let’s start this by saying: about freaking time. This is another shift in the storytelling style as mid-credits scenes are so inherently tied to the MCU. So now we’re officially back in the MCU and probably not going to see many more parodies of TV shows.

As for what happens here, well Monica tries find Wanda. She spots the weird glowing roots and then Pietro appears, which bodes badly for Monica. Or for Pietro, because Monica is superpowered now. Also, we have to shout out the incredible production designer for recreating the house from Bewitched for Agatha’s not so humble abode… that’s called an Easter egg, baby.

Originally published on January 15, 2021 with updates on January 22, January 29, February 5, February 12, and February 19.