Artist Gives Big Screen X-MEN Comics-Accurate Designs

The X-Men films are currently in a state of limbo, due to the Disney merger with Fox. However, after 20 years and 12 films, it is pretty much accepted that Marvel’s mutants will be rebooted into the MCU. It is almost a sure bet that when we next see Storm, Wolverine, and the rest, they will be in all-new incarnations. And now, thanks to Playstation art director Raf Grassetti, we have a good idea what they could look like. Or at least, what they should look like!

Many fans have been hoping that the eventual MCU versions of Xavier’s students will resemble their comic book counterparts more, at least in terms of their costuming. And since the MCU has never had a problem embracing the bright colors of the comics, this is a real possibility. Grassetti has created incredible designs for several of the most iconic X-Men, as he hopes they will appear when they make their reappearance. And if Grassetti’s name sounds familiar at all, it’s because he was responsible for the realistic interpretations of several Batman: The Animated Series characters.

Fans have always wanted to see what a cinematic Wolverine would look like in a version of his comic book costume. We can only hope it looks as cool as this does!

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The Master of Magnetism gets an outfit which reflects his comic book colors a bit more. And that is definitely a Jack Kirby-inspired helmet.

Storm, in the original X-Men films, was always fairly comics accurate, even with Halle Berry’s somewhat questionable wigs. But Grassetti’s version looks even more like the comic book version of Ororo Munroe, right on down to her signature headpiece.

This version of Beast looks more feral and dangerous, and evokes the version of Hank McCoy as drawn by artist Jim Lee in the ’90s.

Kitty Pryde is sporting a look which should remind fans of the original costume she wore when she made her debut in the early ’80s run of Uncanny X-Men. And she has her pet dragon Lockheed, a character totally missing from the Fox X-Men films.

Colossus looks similar to his Deadpool incarnation. But in this instance, the colors of Peter Rasputin’s costume match the ones he wore when he first debuted 45 years ago, in Giant Size X-Men #1.

Nightcrawler was one of the most comic book accurate characters in the original films, so the change isn’t too drastic here. But it’s nice to see Kurt Wagner in his signature red and black.

And finally, team leader Cyclops is finally wearing blue and yellow, evoking his ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series heyday.

There are still some major characters we hope Grassetti gets to, including Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey, Iceman, and Angel. If Kevin Feige hires this guy to give the MCU X-Men their looks, we don’t think too many fans will complain at all.

For more of Raf Grassetti’s incredible work, be sure to head on over to his Instagram.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics

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