Escape into Cinematic Worlds with These Ambient Sound Videos

Ever since modern technology allowed us to cast to our smart TV screens from our phones, we have seen the rise of ambient music and noise channels. One can now just go to YouTube, find nature sounds, or holiday Yule logs, and simply play them on their televisions for hours as a way of relaxing. And these days, when we’re mostly stuck indoors, it can be very comforting. But now we’ve discovered a YouTube channel that allows us to cast ambient moods straight from our favorite films right into our living rooms.

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The channel is called The Ambience of Cinema. Since joining YouTube in March, the Argentina-based channel has uploaded over 200 videos. Each creates the ambience of a particular film, using bits of the movie’s score, combined with appropriate noises that reflect the narrative. The accompanying image is usually concept art from said film, or fan art inspired by it.

So if you’ve ever wanted to “live” inside your favorite movie, this might be the next best thing! Here are some of our very favorites from this channel:

Want to recreate the feeling of being on Isla Nublar? This Jurassic Park video not only contains the moodier bits of John Williams’ iconic score, but also the sound of soft rain and distant dinosaur stomps.

Another iconic sci-fi classic that is filled with moody music and atmosphere is Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. This video uses the sound of rain and crowded futuristic L.A. streets, combining them with parts of Vangelis’s legendary score.

Ever imagine you are in the middle of the MCU’s epic Battle of New York for an hour? Then this “Ambience of Avengers” might be the right video for you.

If the Avengers is not to your superhero taste, then how about living in Miles Morales’ world? This Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse video puts your right in Spidey’s animated version of New York City.

We’d all love to live in Middle Earth for at least a little while, right? This Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring video is longer than most, running two hours. But extra length is pretty appropriate when talking Lord of the Rings.

Evoke “the Bride” on her way to get her bloody satisfaction. We recommend crossing off “The Ambience of Kill Bill: Volume 1″ off your list next.

Speaking of badass women, this video down below will make you feel like you’re Sarah Connor at the end of James Cameron’s original Terminator for a solid hour.

In the mood to jump onboard The Black Pearl with Captain Barbossa, pillaging a Caribbean town? Aye, well here’s your chance, matey.

One of the best scores of the past ten years is Daft Punk’s electronic soundtrack to TRON: Legacy. Casting this for an hour to your TV and it will really be like living inside the Grid.

The ’90s was a fabulously freaky time for Gothic blockbuster cinema in Hollywood. This channel has great videos for Goth films like The Addams Family, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, and more. But our choice is to spend an hour with the glamorous undead of New Orleans in Interview with the Vampire.

Whether you’re in a ’90s or a Shakespeare mood, we recommend this slice of Romeo+Juliet. 

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t evoke the mood of your favorite horror film into your home. This is a perfect way to turn your street into Elm Street. Just remember…. don’t fall asleep.

Of course, we couldn’t finish this list of favorites without going to the galaxy far, far away. Down below is some ambience from A New Hope. But there is also ambience from Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, The Last Jedi, and even The Mandalorian. Eventually, we hopefully get the entire saga!

And there are dozens more on this wonderful channel, with more being added each day. Be sure to check it out, as well as their Patreon and Instagram pages.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures/Lucasfilm

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