TRICK ‘R TREAT Ghoul Log Puts You in the Halloween Spirit

It’s officially October, which means the spooky season has finally arrived. Of course, things are a little different this year. Just due to the 2020 of it all. So maybe you might need a little extra sprinkle of spookiness to get you in the mood. And we think we have just what the doctor ordered.

Via Bloody-Disgusting, we’ve learned that the horror streamer Shudder revealed their annual “Ghoul Log,” their Halloween season response to all those virtual Christmas Yule Logs. And this year, the Ghoul Log is themed to the cult classic Trick ‘r Treat, and directed by the original film’s creator, Mike Dougherty.

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Every year, Shudder presents a 24/7 streaming jack-o’-lantern to give your home the perfect Halloween ambience. Both the original “The Ghoul Log” and “Return of the Ghoul Log” are back this year as well for your viewing pleasure, but this new version is one truly worthy of Sam, the mischievous spirit of Halloween. This “Sam-o’-lantern” is exactly what you need to put yourself in the Halloween frame of mind.

The Trick ‘r Treat Ghoul Log is filled with a ton of little surprises. We’d say “Easter eggs,” but ya know, wrong holiday. These little surprises are both visual and aural in nature. Some are directly related to the original film, and others are more unique. All we’re going to say is to keep your eyes peeled for strange goings-on in windows of the suburban homes directly behind the jack-o’-lantern.

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It’s been 10 years since Trick ‘r Treat was released on Blu-ray and DVD, after never getting a proper theatrical release. Its esteem has only grown among horror fans ever since. Back in 2013, Trick ‘r Treat 2 was officially announced, but we are still eagerly awaiting that one to arrive. Maybe instead of a sequel, we’ll get an annual anthology series every October? Maybe set in different time periods? Just putting that idea out into the universe, in the hope that the spirts of All Hallow’s Eve hear it.

Head on over to Shudder now to light your virtual jack-o’-lantern. Just don’t blow out the candle til after midnight, or little Sam might be paying you a visit.

All Images: Warner Bros./Legendary

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