What We Want to See in THE BOYS Season 4

The Boys season three finale left us with a lot to think about. The titular collective is different in many ways after a lot of fraught tension with the Soldier Boy and Homelander mess. The Seven and Vought are quite different too with dead (and not-so-dead) members and the loss of Starlight. We know that The Boys is returning for season four and cannot wait to see where this story goes next. In fact, we have a few things that we already want to see in the next round. 

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Homelander Dying in Spectacular Fashion

Antony Starr seems like a really nice guy who deserves a great job. But his character Homelander might be one of the worst beings on TV right now. Homelander has done more damage than anyone on this show and he must die. We know that it won’t happen like it did in the comics because, well, Noir is dead. But maybe Billy Butcher can finally take Homelander down before he dies. 

A Temp V, a.k.a Compound V24, Cure 

Or better yet, there will be a cure for Compound V24 that lets Butcher live after Homelander dies. It would be sad to see the leader of the Boys go out in such a sad way. Especially if Homelander lives in the end. 

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MM Finding Love and Happiness

MM has sacrificed his home life for the Boys’ missions. And while he has a solid relationship with his daughter, it would be nice to see him find love and happiness at some point. His heart is the size of Vought and he deserves it. 

Ryan Using His Powers For Good (After Being Evil First)

Ryan is heading down a dark path with Daddy Homelander. And we don’t like it. Somebody please intervene and save this kid before he destroys the entire city. (But also, let him f**k up some things first.) There’s the grim possibility that Ryan could die but it would be better to see him recognize his dad’s ominous ways and use his powers/influence to somehow defeat Homelander.

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A Frenchie and Kimiko HEA

The progression of Frenchie and Kimiko’s relationship is one of the best parts of The Boys. They finally went the romantic route this season with a kiss, so give them a happily ever after in the midst of guts and wild sex stuff. 

The Fall of Victoria Neuman 

Not the head popper running for VP! Neuman’s been getting away with a ton of stuff and virtually no comeuppance. And season three affirms that she is willing to scheme and scam to get what she wants. Or just explode a person’s head. Whatever works. But the Boys are gunning for her next. Please give them a win. 

A Farewell to Vought 

Vought is a crumbling ship at this point. Homelander is essentially doing his own thing to the 12th power and everyone else is either dead or just going through the motions. Even Ashley seems to be having some change of heart after deleting the footage of Maeve surviving. It’s time to watch the crumble of Vought go down and explore even more entities in this world if the show goes for a fifth round. The possibilities are endless.

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The Return of Maeve and Maybe Soldier Boy

As we know, there weren’t many big deaths this season. The members of Payback, including Noir, bit the dust but the remainder of the Seven and the Boys are still here. No one can have peace in this universe, so Maeve will return and face Homelander another day, right? Yes, according to Eric Kripke’s interview with Deadline. “We definitely won’t reach the end of the series without seeing Maeve again,” he confirmed. “I’m hoping we see Soldier Boy again.” Well, this will be really interesting.

More Blood, More NSFW Jokes, and More “Bold and Bats**t” Antics

The Boys knows what fans want. And we are 100% sure that we will have plenty of entries for not one nor two but three installments of weird, wild, and gross moments in season four.

So, When Will The Boys Season 4 Release and What Do We Know About It So Far? 

Those are two great questions without answers at this point. The announcement is still relatively fresh so it will be some time before we get news about the next season. And we don’t know what direction the show will go in next season yet. But, as we find out, us Nerdist fans will be talking about it. 

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