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Compound V24 in THE BOYS Season Three, Explained

Spoiler Alert

The Boys season three sets up a story that will surely divide our titular crew. Butcher, whose life purpose is to eliminate supes, is becoming one. Well, sort of. In the show’s first three episodes, we see him meeting with Maeve, who has been feeding him information about supes. But what they both really want is to take Homelander down. And that’s for good reason considering how he’s spiraling further and further into pure evil. Maeve discovers a weapon that might kill Homelander and gives Butcher Compound V24 because he will surely need it. The chemical will level the supe field and make Butcher’s comrades possibly question his methods. 

What Is Compound V24 on The Boys and Why Does Butcher Use It?
a photo of three green vials in the palm of butcher on the boys compound v24
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Episode one introduces us to Compound V24 via a meeting Stan has with Bob. According to him, the Compound V24 super serum is “the future” because one dose will allow a regular person to be a supe for 24 hours. It is two million dollars a hit (whew) and supposedly meant for soldiers. Bob says supes shouldn’t be in the army (TRUE) and that V is associated with Nazis (also true). I mean, the original serum was created by Frederick Vought for the Third Reich, after all.

Stan agrees and insists testing still needs to be done. Stan’s goal is presumably to get into pharmaceuticals and out of the supe business. Queen Maeve gives Butcher a few doses of Compound V24, saying that if he wants to pursue members of Payback and Soldier Boy to find BCL Red, then he will need powers. After an encounter with Gunpowder, Butcher realizes that the only way he can fight is on an even playing field. He finds that he’s unable to be hurt and he has the cool laser eye power. 

How Does Compound V24 work? 
Karl Urban's Billy Butcher with laser eyes from The Boys season 3
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Well, we do know that it gives a normal person super powers for a full day. After that, it supposedly wears off. But, like any drug, Compound V24 boasts some nasty side effects. We see Butcher vomiting green liquid and sweating profusely. He’s also really irritable (even for him) and has a hard time controlling his laser eyes from surfacing. And he appears to be in physical pain. Maeve claims the drugs are further along in development that what Stan does but who knows what kinds of long-term effects it could have. Is Compound V24 addictive? Maybe so. Or maybe it is the power that’s addictive.

Will Anyone Else Use Compound V24? 
Hughie walks into the federal bureau of superhuman affairs the boys season three
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Maybe. Hughie is feeling quite threatened by Starlight’s ex-boyfriend, who is now a member of the Seven. This would line up with the comics where Hughie does use Compound V and kills a supe. But he also knows firsthand about the damage that supe powers can cause. If the Boys are going to go against Payback, surely they will need more than just Butcher and Kimiko’s healing and fighting prowess right? Maybe Hughie, Frenchie, or Mother’s Milk might take the chance and use Compound V24. 

Will Compound V24 tear the Boys apart? 
The Boys sit on a couch in their basement bloodied and battered
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Maybe so. Butcher is going against his cardinal philosophy that humans shouldn’t have this kind of power. Mother’s Milk also has really strong feelings against supes so he won’t be happy with his boss. It already took a lot for him to return, especially considering his own dark past with Soldier Boy. And who knows where Hughie will stand on the matter? After discovering Neuman’s truth, he might think it’s okay to fight supes with supe power. We shall see. 

Of course, the first three episodes of The Boys only scratch the surface about Compound V24. We will have to wait and see what effects it has as this story unfolds

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