The Most Shocking, Gross, and Plain Weird Moments of THE BOYS Season 3

The Boys season three is proof that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The season started off chaotically with the Seven mostly in shambles, Hughie unable to escape bloody weirdness, and the Boys doing their own thing. And whoo did things get wild with Soldier Boy in the mix and weirdness from Herogasm. We couldn’t predict any of it but we did know one thing for sure: The Boys always delivers on some incredibly gross, odd, and uncomfortable moments to make us wonder WTF we’re watching. 

Here are all the completely wild moments in The Boys season three that made us laugh, cringe, or shift uncomfortably in our seats. 

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The Seven stand proud in Vought International's trailer for Dawn of the Seven, a ficional movie in The Boys universe.
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Episode One’s Most Shocking Moments – “Payback”

Hair Ripping Sex 

Yep, episode one wastes little time before we get a sex scene. It’s Ashley and film director Adam Bourke going at it in a men’s bathroom stall. She tells him to pull her hair and well, he takes it to another level by ripping an entire chunk out of her head. The real awkwardness comes when Hughie runs into them coming out of the bathroom. Never a dull moment with these folks. 

The Tiny Supe’s Penis Exploration Gone Wrong

Hello again tiny supe a.k.a. Termite. We’ve seen this guy a couple times but this time the Ant Man-like figure gets into a romp gone wrong. He’s apparently not small all the time and is able to shrink himself down. A guy wants the tiny man… inside him. As in his butthole. He shrinks and goes into the man’s penis to head towards his prostate. The problem is, when Termite sneezes, he returns to full size. And guess what happens? Yep. Sneeze and guts everywhere in The Boys classic gross fashion. Good times. And, Frenchie and Miko’s fight against him is even funnier. 

Victoria Neuman Eating Hughie’s Sandwich 

No, this isn’t gory or kinda freaky. It’s weird in a different way. Yes, they have formed a close bond since working together at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. But taking a bite of a co-worker’s sandwich seems really wrong. That’s some work friendship I don’t want any parts of. 

Homelander’s Endless Shaming of… Everyone

Would it really be a WTF list without some Homelander content? As we know, he’s even more unhinged after everything that went down with Stormfront. His uncomfortable staring and confrontation with Deep and the meeting with Starlight where he realizes she will be his co-captain are both really awkward. Often times, he doesn’t have to cut deep with words. His blank stare is enough. Well, except when he randomly fat shames A-Train. Let that man eat his food in peace. 

Homelander stands with hands on hips talking the boys season three gross weird moments
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Hughie’s Very Jealous Moment

It can’t be easy dating a famous and pretty superhero. It’s even harder to see her chop it up with her ex, who happens to be a contestant on a show to be a part of the Seven. He’s a handsome boy band kind of guy cracking his lady up with inside jokes. Hughie stands there like a weirdo while they chat with each other, reminiscing about their good times. Later, she jokes that they did a ton of butt stuff… which doesn’t make Hughie laugh. 

Stormfront lends Homelander a “Helping Hand” 

Stormfront is in some pretty nice digs considering how she went down in season two. Homelander goes to visit her and whines about Starlight becoming a co-captain. She offers to give him some “relief,” sticking out her hand to…well, you know. These two characters on The Boys are gross and disturbing in more ways than one.

Tony’s Bloody Ending

Poor Tony. He pops up to see Neuman, whom he calls Nadia several times. He finally tracks her down in an alley and says they need to tell everyone about “Red River.” It’s something connected to their childhood friendship but we don’t get much more information on it. They start fighting as a frightened Hughie listens from behind a garbage bin. And of course, this is when he discovers that his boss is the head popping supe. Tony loses not only his life but the bottom half of his face. Good times. 

Episode Two’s Most Shocking Moments – “The Only Man in the Sky”

The Deep’s Vtv (Lifetime) Film
The Deep talks to someone with girlfriend standing beside him on the boys season three
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The Deep is a terrible person. But that Vtv promotion for a movie about his life and involvement with the church is hilarious. It completely nails everything that we typically see in a Lifetime movie advertisement from the amped up drama to that lady’s voice saying the film’s title.

Butcher Steps on the Supe Side

Billy Butcher hates supes more than anything on Earth. But he’s willing to do just that to find a way to finally kill Homelander. It’s shocking to see him take Compound V24, which is still rather experimental at this time, and gain supe powers. Uh oh. Will Butcher get continually high off this power and lose his way? Or is he simply doing the needful to achieve his goal? We shall see. 

Homelander Making Supersonic Very Uncomfortable

Once again, Homelander manages to be both highly inappropriate and hella racist with one reply. He interrupts a conversation between Supersonic and Starlight for no other reason than to make her uncomfortable. Supersonic, who is of Latin descent, is happy to meet Homelander and hopes to be the next member of the Seven. Homelander says he’s doing great on the show but that’s probably because Starlight used to “get cum drunk on his chorizo picante.” Yikes. 

Mother’s Milk’s Big Revelation 

It turns out Mother’s Milk has a really great reason to not want to pursue anything Solider Boy related. His father was obsessed with him up until his death, often sidelining his children in the process. Mother’s Milk doesn’t want his daughter to be hurt the same way. But we find out that Solider Boy is responsible for that death and, like A-Train with Hughie’s girlfriend, didn’t get any comeuppance from his actions. 

Starlight leans against a wall with arms folded the boys
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What in the Woke Carnival Is Going On? 

Frenchie and Miko are on a mission to learn more about Solider Boy and the Payback collective. They go to the VoughtLand amusement park and it is a smorgasbord of weird fake work carnival tents. Brave Maeve’s “Inclusive Kingdom ” includes systemically oppressed tacos, BLM BLTs, Woke Wok, and LGBTurkey Legs. Oh, and lots of rainbows of course. It’s obviously poking fun at companies who try to cash in on movements and celebrations with frankly weird content. 

Crimson Countess Paints the Park Red 

Well, they find Crimson Countess, the former flame of Soldier Boy. The duo try to apprehend her but alas she makes her great escape. Her powers involve her being able to put her hands together and shoot out laser fireball of sorts. And that’s what she does… in front of a large crowd. A poor man gets obliterated to fleshy pieces with some of his blood splattering on a kid’s cotton candy. What a lovely family day. 

Happy Birthday to Homelander 

In the next chapter of “Homelander Makes Starlight Miserable,” he forcefully requests that she sings him Happy Birthday like Marylin Monroe did for JFK. And he’s also got some women in scanty Starlight costumes dancing in the back. She refuses and he tells her to lighten the f*** up, but Stan interjects and says she doesn’t have to do it. Of course, Homelander backs down because his approval rating is in the garbage. One point for Starlight. 

A-Train’s “Return to Blackness” 

What do you do when you cannot rely on your one superpower to give you any shine? You suddenly want to be a “proud Black man.” A-Train has never cared a ton about anything outside of his own scope but that’s what he tries to do. And boy, is his pitch to Ashley full of cringe moments. The docuseries A-Train to Africa on VoughtSoul (a play on BET Soul) and a game about the slave trade. He should be ashamed of this foolishness. 

Karl Urban's Billy Butcher with laser eyes from The Boys season 3
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Nadia’s Childhood Explosions

Red River is a Vought-owned group home for kids with supe abilities. And it turns out she was head popping employees as a child, which is why Stan “adopted” her and took her under his shady wing. The photos of her violence are pretty shocking, even for The Boys

Butcher vs. Gunpowder

Butcher tracks Gunpowder at—you guessed it—a gun convention. They have a tense exchange in the bathroom before engaging in a full showdown in the parking lot. Gunpowder is certainly a “mah rights to bear arms” kinda guy and admittedly a damn good shot, lighting lil Butchie up a few times. That is, until he revisits him and his powers laser Gunpowder’s head in half. 

Homelander’s Birthday Save Gone Wrong

It’s customary for Homelander to save someone on his birthday. He chooses a Jewish woman who is standing on top of a building. She’s contemplating suicide and he does a very poor job empathizing with her. Cameras are there, people are watching, and things get so much worse when he sees the news that Stormfront died by suicide on his birthday. It upsets Homelander and he turns on this poor woman, forcing her to die by suicide even though she’s changed her mind. He’s done a lot of disturbing things and this is one of the worst. 

Homelander gives himself a happy ending to end The Boys season two
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Homelander Loses His Sh*t on TV 

Once again, he goes off the rails but this time it is very public. Homelander’s birthday party goes awry when he declares that he’s not “like the rest of us.” And he will, in fact, not donate money to Starlight’s organization. He says he’s better than everyone else and rants about rich and powerful people trying to control him like a puppet. He then says they are controlling the world, speaking directly to people who like that kind of talk. You know the ones. Big Yikes.

Episode Three’s Most Shocking Moments – “Barbary Coast”

Naked Homelander

We literally didn’t need to see Homelander naked on the couch watching his rant. And neither did Ashley when she ran in to let him know that his Trumpian rant got his numbers up. Now it’s burned into our brains. 

Break Hughie Back In… Literally 

The Boys are back in action with Hughie (the supe bootlicker) and Mother’s Milk returning. But Hughie needs an excuse to be MIA. So he asks Miko to break his arm on three, which she does on two. The moment gives Butcher and gang quite the laugh. Ahh, you gotta love a dysfunctional family. 

Return of the Deep 

“Homelander Makes Starlight Miserable” continues with Homelander using his “restored” image to bring the Deep back. Of course, Starlight doesn’t want this considering that he sexually assaulted her back in season one. But alas, it happens anyway and it is a horrible moment. And, Starlight cannot even use the Flight 37 video against Homelander because he simply doesn’t care anymore and will kill everyone. 

A-Train’s “African” Suit

Why… just why. Put the kente cloth and colors away and try to be a better person, sir. We’ve had enough. Like a true Black American family, his people clown him about his stupid new get up. Honestly, he should get beat up for looking like that.

a-train wears his african version of suit on the boys weird gross moment
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Soldier Boy and Crew Ruin Everything 

Imagine showing up to an active war zone like a celebrity and getting everyone killed. That’s what Soldier Boy and company did (including Noir) when they came in for Operation Charlie to fight the Russians. Watching them completely grenade a mission (even a shady one) is gory and something to behold. Also, Soldier Boy is wildly sexist and brash… def not a gentleman like Captain America. 

The Deep’s Got It Bad for an Octopus 

Ummm, yeah. So he’s getting down to business with his girlfriend. But the whole time he’s looking at, talking to, and fantasizing about a nearby octopus. We get that he’s the man of the sea and all but ewww. 

A Sickening Seafood Feast 

Speaking of the Deep, Homelander hosts a dinner to celebrate his return. But he offers a ton of seafood that everyone eats in front of Deep, making him visibly cringe. Homelander weirdly compares himself to MLK before making Deep eat an octopus. Alive. Deep begs to not do it, saying that Timothy the octopus is pleading for his life, but he ends up doing it. He’s gagging with black juice running out of his mouth the whole time. Gross. 

Butcher Throws Up on Hughie 

The effects of Compound V24 catch up to Butcher during a conversation with Hughie. He spews green liquid all over his face right in the middle of a great monologue. Typical disgusting behavior. 

Starlight and Homelander… Together?!

Starlight must play along with Homelander while the Boys figure some things out. So, she enters into a fake relationship with Homelander to appease him. The episode ends with #Homelight kissing each other while she clutches her fist behind her back. Truly a nightmare ending. 

Episode Four’s Most Shocking Moments – “Glorious Five Year Plan”

photo of soldier boy singing on solid gold the boys
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Soldier Boy Raps on Solid Gold 

This episode kicks off with something both weird and funny. We get some throwback footage of Soldier Boy sing-rapping “Rapture” by Blondie as a featured guest on Solid Gold. For those of us who weren’t alive then, Solid Gold was a TV show featuring performance guests, music, and dancers. Think Soul Train and American Bandstand. And it is as odd as you’d expect. 

Homelander Makes a Starlight/Hughie House Call

In this episode’s continuing saga that I’ve dubbed “Homelander Makes Starlight Miserable,” he shows up unannounced at her home while she’s with Hughie. He makes everyone uncomfortable and angry after he asks Hughie if she’s a good f**k. Geez. Starlight threatens that she will leave and take her approval points with her so he backs off… for now. 

Ashley’s Black Screens

Homelander’s right hand woman is the worst. Ashley tells A-Train that she is totally down for supporting Black people. How do we know that? Because she loves the Black Lives Matter hashtag and she put up a black box on social media. In case you forgot, there was a wave of folks—celebs and others alike—who thought a little performative action went a long way back in 2020. So no she will not help him stop a racist supe from hurting and killing people because she’s done enough with her hashtag and square. Right. 

A-Train Energy Drink Commercial The Boys
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A-Train’s Turbo Rush Commercial 

But A-Train is also full of s**t too. His Turbo Rush commercial is a clear play on that infamous Pepsi commercial by Kendall Jenner that “ended racism.” Just give a cop an energy drink and BOOM, rioting and police violence over human rights is over! 

Homelander Brings Out Tacos

Homelander decides to welcome Alex once again by doing something odd and racist. He brings out taco bowls for everyone and starts saying needless Spanish phrases. By the way, Alex’s primary language is English. 

A-Train vs. Deep 

Both of them know they have done some stuff that could lead to Homelander lasering them into the great beyond. And, with both Seven members trying to win their fearsome leader’s approval, they are turning on each other in the process. Their little scuffle in the hallway and the tension between them will surely come to a nasty boiling point this season. 

Kimiko Slaughters for Nina 

Butcher isn’t a sunshine and rainbows kinda guy by any means. But he’s being a real d**k this season to everyone, including Kimiko and Frenchie. He basically makes Kimiko do a kill mission for Nina in exchange for getting the info about where the lab is in Russia. And whew does it get bloody fast with her ripping the men to shreds in front of frightened women. 

Kumiko puts a large object through a man's face the boys
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Seven-inspired Strap-ons 

Speaking of Kimiko’s mission, we see a wide selection of Seven-inspired strap-ons and dildos to represent our heroes at that guy’s house. Yeahhh. And apparently they are pretty popular because Ashley has a Homelander one, too. So bonkers.  

Homelander Takes Stan’s Spot 

What a twist of events. Stan and Victoria were going to do a press conference to take Homelander down a peg. But he gets the upper hand, giving Neuman some of the V she wants (and probably sparing her kid’s life) in exchange for blowing the whistle on Stan. Yes, Stan is not a good person but Homelander is infinitely worse… and now he’s in charge of Vought. 

Hughie Gets Powers 

Poor Lil Hughie. His desperation to not be a fearful loser who cannot open a jar much less defend Starlight leads him to nabbing some of Butcher’s V24. And his powers come to light at the Russian lab when he teleports and punches through a man’s stomach to save MM’s life. Oh, by the way, he loses all his clothes when he teleports. So much male nakedness. 

Alex is mutilated and dead on the boys
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Hello Naked, Bearded Soldier Boy 

Well, they found who they were seeking. Solider Boy was at that Russian facility in some kind of chamber and, with the Boys help, he broke free and ran away…naked. He also blasts Miko, seriously injuring her on the way out to the point that she is not healing. Where is going? Will Kimiko die in The Boys? We don’t know. 

Homelander Hacks Up Alex in Retaliation 

One more thing for “Homelander Makes Starlight Miserable.” He flies her up to the top of a roof to show her Alex’s mutilated body. And she finds out that A-Train is a snitch. He says she must be dutiful and loving from now on or he will kill Hughie next. Dun dun dunnnn. 

Catch up with us each week as we detail all the gross, shocking, and plain weird moments in The Boys season three. 

Originally published on June 3, 2022.

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