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BREAKING BAD’s Aaron Paul Joins WESTWORLD Season 3 as Cast Regular

HBO‘s sci-fi fantasy series Westworld takes place in the world’s most immersive and advanced amusement park, where the line between humans and robots is so blurred it’s impossible to know who is really a guest and who is really a host. Everything that happens there is possible thanks to both the wonders of science. And you know who know who really appreciates the power of science? Jesse Pinkman. So it’s only fitting that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul will be joining the cast in  season three.


Deadline reports the Emmy-winning performer will be joining the show in a still unspecified role, but that he is expected to be a series regular. Of course, even if HBO were to announce he will play a human that wouldn’t be a guarantee he won’t ultimately turn out to be a robot. With the show expected to leave behind the Old West and the park next season as Dolores and the other hosts make their way into the real world, the odds would favor him playing a real, organic person.

Right up until he is not.

For many shows, Paul would immediately be the biggest star, but he is just the latest big name to join a cast that has already featured Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, James Marsden, and Thandie Newton. Though we’re not sure any of them has ever loved science as much as Jesse Pinkman.

But maybe someone should tell him that while the drug trade is dangerous, it might be safe compared to what goes on in Westworld.

What kind of role would you like to see Aaron Paul play on the show? Tell us your thoughts on the ideal part for him in the comments section below.

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