Canceled WESTWORLD Removed From HBO Max, Finds New Home

For a minute there, Westworld was the talk of the town. You couldn’t go five feet without hearing about the Evan Rachel Wood-led show. For many, it felt like a new incarnation of Lost. The show had twists and turns on twists and turns, and who doesn’t love a good mystery? But alas, in the midst of many upheavals around HBO, HBO Max, and Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO officially canceled Westworld. The show will end with season four and won’t make it to season five. Additionally, not long after the cancellation of Westworld, the show is no longer available to stream on HBO Max. But there is good news on the horizon.

Dolores Westworld

We first learned about the news from Variety. The publication reports a number of factors went into the cancellation of Westworld. Among the variables that led to the ending of the now-canceled show are production costs, Westworld‘s sinking viewership, and the continued scrutiny that has come with Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

More recently, Deadline reported that Westworld, alongside The Nevers, which was renewed for a nearly-complete season two, would be removed from HBO Max. This news feels shocking since both are HBO original series, with some acclaim. However, it sounds like they may appear on other channels. As of December 22, 2022, on the heels of its cancellation, Westworld is officially gone from HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Discovery has made many cuts to its programming already. Of course, the platform infamously canceled the movie Batgirl after having spent much money and time on it already. Other properties, such as Sesame Street saw the axe as well. But a little while after its sudden removal, Westworld fans can rejoice. The series will not be completely lost to time. Westworld will soon become available to stream on the free, ad-supported channels Roku and Tubi. It sounds like it will come to Roku in the spring and land on Tubi sometime in February 2023.

Westworld characters

Westworld, of course, has had a spotty run. And even many of its fans have felt the story and characters have not always been top-tier. However, the sudden cancellation does not allow Westworld to wrap its story up in any meaningful way. Season four of the show finished airing on August 14.

It seems that for a show that has such a place in our pop-culture consciousness, a final season may have been in order. Over the course of its run, the show received nominations for 54 Emmys and took home a few wins. But, of course, that does not seem like it will be now. We will miss Dolores, the Man in Black, Charlotte, Maeve, and all the rest. Goodbye Westworld, now another cancellation for the pile.

Originally published on December 22, 2022.

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