Who Is Pretending to Be Charlotte on WESTWORLD?

In Westworld‘s season two finale, Dolores escaped the park as a clone of Charlotte Hale. She didn’t stay in that body for very long. Instead she put another host inside “Charlotte” to run Delos Inc. Which host, though? The latest episode offered some compelling clues to her real identity. It’s someone whose story goes back to before Westworld was even open. And she wore many “hats” in service to the park over three decades. It’s why she’s having such a tough time remembering who she really is now. Especially since she’s still not free.

Looks Like Spoilers to Me

When Dolores left the park she took five host control units with her (those little balls). One was Bernard. Another, whose identity we don’t yet know, is now inside the clone of Martin Connells, Liam Gallagher Jr.’s Scottish head of security. The only other pearl we know is out in the real world is inside the Charlotte Hale clone. This “creature of beauty and power” is someone Dolores trusts and respects. It’s a host who is also incredibly loyal to Dolores.

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This secret host also knew all about Charlotte Hale and how she tried to kill all the robots in the park. Clearly she was an active participant in the robot uprising, and was “awake” much sooner than most hosts in the park. And despite all of her self-doubt and questions of identity, when Faux-Charlotte remembered who she really is when she killed the pedophile. She is a predator. She is a hunter, and a powerful, strong female host who isn’t afraid to do what is necessary, even if that means killing.

The only host who fits all of those criteria is Angela, the beautiful blonde host who long ago sold Logan Delos on the park and welcomed a young William to Westworld.

Talulah Riley as Angela on Westworld.HBO

Ford and Arnold built Angela before Westworld opened. Angela helped sell the park to would-be investor Logan Delos. That included sleeping with him. She had to do that with other clients over the years too.

Angela was also the host who welcomed young William when he made his first visit.

She was tasked with more than just guest “relations” though. Ford put her to work in the park. She was seen in flashbacks prior to its opening walking around with a parasol. Angela was also one of the victims of “Wyatt’s” massacre, Arnold’s attempt to stop the park from ever opening by programming Dolores (along with Teddy’s help) to kill all the other hosts. Teddy was the one who shot Angela.

During season one Teddy and the Man in Black found Angela bound and gagged while they were searching for Wyatt. But it was a trap. Angela was now a member of “Wyatt’s” group and she was bait to catch William. She also remembered the massacre from more than three decades earlier. Angela knew the truth about the park and who she was even before Dolores “woke up.” She also told Teddy he would once again help “Wyatt” when “he” returned, which he did when Dolores began the robot uprising.

Talulah Riley as Angela on Westworld.HBO

As did Angela, who was one of Dolores’s most loyal and ruthless followers in season two. Angela hunted down humans, set traps for them, and killed many in truly brutal manners. She was maybe the most bloodthirsty and diabolical host, as though she wanted revenge even more than freedom.

She was also the host who blew up the Cradle. That was the part of the park that kept all of Westworld’s digital backups for hosts and storylines. Angela died in the explosion.

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For over 35 years her creators and guests alike used and abused Angela. When she finally took control over her own existence she followed Dolores to war. Angela sacrificed herself to win that war. There is no other host Dolores would have trusted to continue the fight in the real world more than Angela.

But waking up in a different body destroyed her sense of identity. The result of all her fighting is once again having to be someone else. And she’s not just tasked with pretending to be Charlotte Hale. She’s under Dolores’ control. “You belong to me,” Dolores said, “You know that right?”

Angela traded in one false reality in Westworld for a false reality in the real world. She traded one human master for a host one. “Who am I?” she asked. The answer is the same as it has always been—who someone else told her to be.

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No wonder Charlangela feels like she is “changing.” After finding her own voice she’s got to use someone else’s. She has to live Charlotte Hale’s life, work Charlotte Hale’s job, and love Charlotte Hale’s son. All while trying to remember who she really is.

The real world hasn’t been any different for Angela than her imaginary one in Westworld. She’s still not free to be herself.

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