WESTWORLD Season 4 Trailer Focuses on Anger and Shock

Something is wrong with the world. It’s a statement that applies to the world we live in, as well as the one in Westworld. Though, of course, the HBO Max series’ world has its own disturbing aspects. The latest trailer for Westworld season four brings back a bevy of familiar hosts and faces. Dolores, Maeve, Bernard, Charlotte… no one is happy with how the world is. Dolores seems to think she is perhaps responsible for the state of things. Charlotte wants revolution and evolution for her kind. The hosts and their conflicting desires spell chaos for everyone.

Season three of Westworld wrapped in May 2020. So yes, it has been a minute. If you feel like you’re on unsteady ground for the new season, don’t worry. We have a guide to help you remember what happened in season three. Trust me, we needed it as much as you.

The motto on recently released posters for Westworld season four is “adapt or die.” That applies as much to the humans as it does the hosts. The balance between technologically created life vs. organic life continues. And the season’s logline emphasizes that, too. HBO describes Westworld‘s fourth season as a “dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on Earth.”

An angry-looking Charlotte Hale walks in front of a city in the Westworld season 4 trailer

I mean, the series has been on that dark odyssey path since its beginnings in the park. We watched as the hosts became aware of the park and of Delos. They learned about the repeated trauma and abuse they suffered at the hands of humans. It certainly doesn’t predispose one to lend humans any kind of helping hand. And it looks like we’ll see hosts all along the spectrum of with humans or against them.

Westworld season four premieres on HBO Max on June 26.

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