Ultra Tiny Baby Yoda Figurine Is Smaller Than Grain of Rice

While the world may seem quite dreary right now, for so many reasons, there are still rays of sunshine. Cling to them. One of those rays is, of course, Baby Yoda, and this fan-made one-off figurine of the Child from The Mandalorian comes just in time to fortify our constitutions with an injection of supreme cuteness. It’s smaller than a grain of rice! The figurine is so cute in fact, that we dare say it’s giving us. . .a new hope.

The tiny Baby Yoda on the tip of a mechanical pencil.

The tiny Baby Yoda on the tip of a mechanical pencil. Silvia Minucelli. 

The teeny weeny tiny Baby Yoda was created by Silvia Minucelli, a self-described engineer and art toy sculptor from Italy who’s based out of Sweden. Minucelli recently posted pictures of the micro Yoda to her Instagram and Tumblr accounts, with a short note about its creation. “Attention to details is when the whole figurine is smaller than a grain of rice, but still has three fingers on each hand—with the tiniest fingernails,” Minucelli said in her posts.

And the attention to detail really is (Vader voice) most impressive. The tiny Baby Yoda is highly expressive and somehow captures the character’s essence perfectly. This is the smallest Baby Yoda we’ve seen, by far. For reference, medium grain rice grows to an average length of somewhere between 5.3 and 5.9 millimeters. Although we should note that we’re speculating about the size.

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Although Minucelli, the owner of the Etsy shop, Mijbil Creatures, has created something spectacular with this tiny Baby Yoda, her other creations are somehow just as adorable. The Italian sculptor has created everything from tiny baby dragons, to tiny pangolins, to tiny sloths in coffee cups. Her pinhead-sized BB-8 is truly a (tiny) sight to behold. Also, we really want to hold it.

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Unfortunately, Minucelli says the tiny Baby Yoda is a one-off piece. It will not be available to purchase. It also seems that the Mijbil Creatures store on Etsy doesn’t currently have any other cute creatures for sale. But we still won’t give up hope that one day we will be able to buy a tiny Baby Yoda just like this! Even if it would likely eventually end up in the belly of the household Sarlacc.

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What do you think about this ultra-tiny Baby Yoda? Do you think this is the tiniest Baby Yoda figurine we’ll ever see, or can tech like 3D printing potentially bring us one that’s even tinier? Sculpt your opinions in the comments!

Images: Silvia Minucelli / Mijbil Creatures

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