World’s Longest Dog Tongue Makes for Maximum Derp

It’s hard to put one’s finger on what exactly makes an animal especially derp-tastic, but having a big ol’ floppy, sloppy tongue is usually high up on the list of traits. And  is why Mochi “Mo” Rickert, a female St. Bernard from South Dakota, should be considered one of the derpiest derps of all time. She has a 7.3-inch-long tongue, which not only gives her the best chop-licking sounds since Brad Pitt’s pooch pal Brandy from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but also a consistent spot in the book of Guinness World Records.

Nobody can ever again say that derps aren’t overachievers.

Guinness World Records has posted the above video of “Mo”—we’d also like to offer the nicknames “Mo Sloppy,” “Mo-mo lickums,” and “Mo chee-chee”—noting that the “Rescue pooch… holds the record for longest tongue on a dog.” And while it’s unclear from the tweet, this is in fact not a new title for Mo; the distributor of world records first said that Mochi’s tongue was verified as the longest belonging to a dog back in 2016.

Carla and Craig Rickert discovered Mo at the Colorado-based rescue agency, Big Dogs Huge Paws, which only takes in dogs that weigh over 100 pounds. Mo, of course, probably weighs a lot more than 100 pounds—according to, female St. Bernards weigh on average somewhere between 120 and 140 pounds—but to be fair, at least 45 pounds of that is probably tongue. (Just kidding, of course, but we do wonder if that beast of a licker may cause some serious aerodynamic drag.)

World's Longest Dog Tongue Makes for Maximum Derp_1

Mo and Carla Rickert. Guinness World Records 

Unfortunately, there are some legitimate drawbacks to Mochi’s long tongue, as it results in “breathing challenges, extra slobber when she’s nervous, dirt, dust and leaves sticking to her tongue and needing help when picking things up off the floor.” But it seems like the Rickerts are conscientious enough to make sure that Mo is taken care of properly. The pets, belly rubs, and peanut butter feedings in the Guinness World Records video all seem to attest to that fact, thankfully.

“With this record, we hope to bring attention to how much joy rescued animals can bring to their new family,” Carla told Guinness World Records. She added that “This once abused and neglected pup has taught us that it’s okay to be different.” And not just okay, but, evidently, a requisite for achieving world record-level greatness.

What do you think about Mo and her insanely long tongue? Will another, even more derpy, dog will come along any time soon to steal her title, or will she keep the competition licked for decades to come? Also, what kind of slobber-focused cleanup strategies do you think the Rickerts employ? (‘Cause that chore sounds rough.) Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image: Guinness World Records 

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