Relax with Pikachu Body Pillows That Look Like Caterpillars

Pokémon evolve, but we had never seen a caterpillar/Pikachu hybrid before now. AliExpress sells stuffed animals (or are they pillows?) of the popular character. Instead of making large proportional Pikachus to snuggle with, they just added more and more body segments. Still smiling at the front and lightning-tailed at the back, the caterpillar pillows are at the same time both comforting and off-putting. Sizes range from 30 inches to five and a half feet, so could be used as anything from a neck pillow to a body pillow.  

A woman lying next to four Pikachu pillows of different sizes

We saw this cozy Pokémon (cozy-mon?) on Kotaku. But honestly it’s not even the weirdest thing we’ve seen offered in the large Pokémon pillow category. That title goes to the long-tongued Gengar pillow/blanket combo that comes with some of the strangest marketing photos we’ve ever seen. There’s also a Metapod sack you can lose yourself in. Or cozy Snorlax or Ditto bean bag chairs to pass out in.

There is clearly no shortage of ways to show your love for Pikachu. You can wear Pokémon Converse while walking the streets playing Pokémon Go. Or drop $26,000 on a crystal Pikachu statue. Sing to him like Katy Perry did in her music video for “Electric.” Or fly on a Pikachu-themed airplane.

A woman with a Pikachu neck pillow

As for the Pikachu caterpillar pillows (caterpillows?), you either buy them pre-stuffed or as just the unfilled shell. Perhaps this saves on shipping and other costs, but we imagine it raises the horror factor a little bit though. Imagine cramming fluff down Pikachu’s throat and then sewing it closed. All while he looks at you with that cute face. We’ll pay extra to skip that part of the experience.

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