Crystal POKÉMON Pikachu Will Electrify Your Home for $26K

There is no amount of money a Pokémon fan could spend that would surprise me. Not after I’ve seen how much rare cards go for. Plus I know the most ardent enthusiasts are willing to spend actual cash on used popsicle sticks. Besides, how could anything about the fandom shock when the mere chance at getting a hard-to-find collectible can cause mass chaos at a Target? That doesn’t mean you won’t be taken aback by the price tag on the newest Pokémon item. Because you really have to love the franchise to spend $26,000 on a crystal Pikachu.

The Pokémon Store has teamed with the French jeweler Baccarat for a new line of crystals. The most expensive, by far, is the limited-edition Pikachu Fragment. Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara created the piece (which we first saw at GameSpot). It measures 11.8-inches tall, 5.7-inches wide, and 8.7-inches in length. And it measures 18.3-pounds. Here’s the official description from Baccarat:

“As cute as it is formidable, Pikachu shocks its opponents with its lightning fast moves. Revisited by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara for Baccarat, Pikachu has been transformed into an exceptional object for collectors. With its imposing dimensions, Pikachu Fragment symbolizes the unique know-how of Baccarat artisans. Multi-faceted and engraved with the ‘Electric’ logo, Pikachu radiates more than ever to salute this very special year with brilliance.”
A crystal Pikachu against a red background with lightning from Baccarat

It’s also an exclusive item, limited to just 25 pieces total. Each one comes officially numbered. If you want to collect them all it will cost you $650,000. Plus all the money you’ll need to spend traveling to the Baccarat stores where it’s available. That list includes Tokyo, Paris New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

If you’re looking to spend slightly less, Baccarat also has a smaller crystal Pikachu figurine for $440. (Though it’s currently sold out.) As well as a crystal Poké Ball for $410.

A crystal Pikachu and a crystal Poke Ball from Baccarats Pokemon collection

We know that will sell out too. Just like the $26,000 limited-edition piece will. It doesn’t matter how much something costs. Pokémon fans will happily pay for it.

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