Feel as Snug as a Pokébug in Metapod Suit

Listen, we know things have been rough in these Strange Times, and there are days you just want to hide away from the world in a cocoon. Pokémon understands. Perhaps that’s why they’ve created the perfect place to relax and get away from it all. Climb inside this official Pokémon-inspired suit to relax, sleep, and ponder life’s biggest existential questions.

Meet Metapod. Become one with Metapod.

Pokemon Metapod Suit


Metapod, an evolved version of Caterpie, isn’t the most popular Pokémon out there. In fact, chances are high you haven’t heard of the bright green Bug-type Pokémon before. Its description in the Pokédex says it “remains motionless to avoid attack,” making Metapod the ideal inspiration for this one of a kind piece of merchandise. That’s a strategy we can definitely get behind.

The plushy polyester suit is about five feet long and a little over three feet tall. It unzips to reveal an inviting, darker green lining inside. Simply unzip it and climb in when it’s time to take a well-earned break from working at home or a long day of catching ’em all. (The product description recommends ages 15 and up. Sorry, kids.)

Pokemon Metapod Suit


Then simply curl up and watch your favorite Pokémon episode, or just roll over and take a nap in the safety of its cozy cocoon. The possibilities are endless.

The Bandai Metapod suit is currently open for preorders in advance of its scheduled shipping in April 2021, but it has quickly sold out as it captured the attention and hearts of Pokémon fans worldwide. The suit retails for 35,000円 (approximately $300 USD) and appears to be worth every yen.

Featured Image: Pokémon

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