The Best Trailers and TV Spots From the Big Game

Super Bowl commercials might not determine who wins out on the football field, but they’re a big factor in how much we enjoy our viewing experience. However, those pricey ads are meant to be enjoyed for what they are. They’re supposed to make us go out and buy something. They’re fleeting. We don’t spend Monday morning breaking down Bud Light commercials shot-by-shot like we’re watching the Zapruder Film. We only do that with big game trailers. And this year Super Bowl LIV gave us new looks at some of the biggest movies and TV shows debuting later this year. These are all of the teasers from this year’s Super Sunday.

Black Widow

Sometimes it feels like we get a new MCU movie every three weeks, but it’s actually been seven months since Spider-Man: Far From Home came to theaters. The wait will soon be over though when Black Widow arrives on May 1. Wait, that’s still too far away, especially after seeing this action-packed teaser on Super Bowl Sunday.

The MCU on Disney+

Natasha Romanoff wasn’t the only Avenger to get a big game promo though. We got a brief-but-enticing look at three upcoming Disney+ MCU series. The Mouse House gave us a tantalizing glimpse at The Falcon and The Winter SoldierWandaVision, and Loki. Forget ever waiting that long for the MCU again. Pretty soon we’ll be getting new Marvel content every week.


Not many studios can afford to run two Super Bowl Sunday commercials. Disney ran three. And are we glad they did, because the Mouse House’s promo for their live-action Mulan was stunning.

And even better? It was prelude to the movie’s final full trailer.

Fast & Furious 9

The onslaught of ads for the ninth installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise has been… well… fast and furious. F9 got a new trailer last week that revealed a shocking return and John Cena as Dom’s brother. Universal followed that up with a Super Bowl teaser which was more exciting than most action films.

Top Gun: Maverick

Some mavericks mellow with age. Others find all new ways to make everyone angry. At least that’s the case for Tom Cruise in the new teaser for Top Gun: Maverick. Goose’s son hasn’t forgiven Maverick for his father’s death, and that might be the least of his problems. Sounds like he’s on a highway that leads directly to the danger zone. Again.

No Time to Die

Speaking of having too many enemies, James Bond has plenty on his plate in the new promo for  No Time To Die. The 25th film in the franchise is also set to be Daniel Craig’s last, and it’s seemingly going to throw everything it has in him.


Al Pacino starring in a new TV series is enough to get us to watch anything, but we’d be excited for Amazon’s new series Hunters anyway after seeing this teaser for the show. Pacino leads a team of Nazi hunters seeking out the war criminals hiding in the United States. And as if all of that isn’t enough, the show is executive produced by Jordan Peele.

Featured Image: Disney/Universal

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