The Best Commercials from the Big Game

Well that was a pretty good Super Bowl! Uh, unless of course you were rooting for the San Francisco 49ers. Then this game will haunt you until long after the sun has burned out and destroyed our entire solar system. But it sure was exciting for the rest of us! And not just because of what happened on the field either. This was a great year for commercials. The big game’s pricey promos don’t always deliver the goods, but they definitely did this year. Here are our favorite ads from Super Bowl LIV.

Hyundai Sonata’s “Smaht Pahk”

This commercial starring Massachusetts’ natives Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, and John Krasinski is wicked good.

Walmart’s Pop Culture Extravaganza

Star Wars, Star Trek, the MCU, Men in BlackFlash GordonThe LEGO Movie, and more? Did Walmart just have the greatest crossover event in history?

Pringles Invades Rick and Morty

Rick got bested by potato chips and now we don’t know what to believe.

Bill Murray Loves Groundhog Day

This year’s Super Bowl took place on Groundhog Day and we’re furious we didn’t think of this Bill Murray ad ourselves.

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott “Duel”

This commercial would have made the list if it only featured Sam Elliott’s mustache, but it was even better than that.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Say Hello to New Luxury

Can we get an extended version where Chrissy Teigen calls out everyone at this party?

Heinz 57 4-Ways

Why pay all that money for one 30-second ad when Heinz realized it could squeeze four in at once.

Winona Builds a Winona Website

Not only did Winona Ryder build a website to the town of Winona, the website actually exists.

Jason Momoa Unwinds at Home

Skinny Jason Momoa will haunt our nightmares, but it makes us laugh when we’re awake.

Sodastream Finds Life on Mars

When you’re thirty you’re thirsty…..usually.

“You Can’t Touch This” MC Hammer Cheetos’ Ad

Do kids today even know who MC Hammer is? We have no idea, but we’re old and love Cheetos so this ad was right in our wheelhouse.

Post Malone’s Tough Bud Light Decision

Bud Light let fans vote on one of two potential Post Malone commercials. It’s good, but we actually prefer the one that lost by just 0.4%.

Planters’ Baby Nut

The dead speak!” And his name is—no joke—Baby Nut.

Snickers Fixes the World

Feeding the world a Snickers looks a lot like giving it an enema, but that might work too. Bonus for the ad’s extended version.

Disney+ Expands the MCU

Oh hell yeah.

Proctor & Gamble Comes Together

There’s a lot going on this Proctor & Gamble commercial. A lot.

Josh Jacobs Talks to His Younger Self

Many earnest Super Bowl ads fall short, but not this one starring NFL running back Josh Jacobs giving advice to his younger self.

Katie Sowers Makes Football History

This sincere ad about 49ers coach Katie Sowers living out her dream was our other favorite sincere ad of Super Bowl Sunday.

The Cold Never Bothers a Stark

Oh, so Maisie Williams can sing too. That’s great. We were afraid she wasn’t great at everything.

Life Before Alexa

Olden times were the worst.

Password Purgatory

This….this isn’t how the afterlife actually works. Right? Right?!

Bryan Cranston Takes a Shining to Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

Would. Watch. Many. Times.

That might be the best lineup for Super Bowl commercials in years. Combined with the game itself, that’s one hell of a Sunday. So long as you weren’t rooting for San Francisco.

Featured Image: Rocket Mortgage/GenesisUSA/Jeep

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