Work From Home Jammies Are the Mullets of Clothing

An international creative studio called whatever inc. has just released designs for “Work From Home Jammies,” and the outfits are business up top and pure comfort down below. Sort of like how the mullet hairstyle is business in the front and party in the back. Which means these WFH Jammies may be the mullets of clothing.

'Work From Home Jammies' Are the Mullets of Clothing_1 whatever inc. 

Japanese art, design, and culture blog Spoon & Tamago picked up on the WFH jammies. Whatever inc., which is headquartered in Tokyo, New York, Taipei, and Berlin, is the creative team behind the novel pajamas. The company recently took to Kickstarter to collect the cash needed to start production on the clothing line, and has already surpassed its $1,862 goal.

These Work From Home Jammies are perfect for staying comfortable during business calls.

whatever inc. 

“Remote work allows you to work in the comfort of your own home and jammies,” whatever inc.’s Kickstarter says. It adds that it is, however, “a little troublesome to have to change clothes only when you go on a video conference….” Because of this inconvenience, as well as the growing work-from-home trend thanks to COVID-19 quarantines, whatever inc. has created the WFH Jammies.

The company says that WFH Jammies look formal for video calls, but are still comfortable and loose. In terms of style, the top portion of the two-piece Jammies appears to be a collared shirt around the shoulders and chest, but quickly turns into a comfortable sweatshirt around the midsection. The bottoms of the Jammies appear to be simple sweatpants.

These Work From Home Jammies are perfect for staying comfortable during business calls.

whatever inc. 

The Jammies will be available in 3 color variations, including a white business shirt with gray bottoms; a pink shirt with black bottoms; and a blue striped shirt with dark gray bottoms. The prices on the Jammies are steep, at $85 for just a top and $113 for the whole set, plus shipping and handling. And unfortunately, people will have to wait until at least June to receive their new WFH outfits due to current shipping restrictions. In the meantime, everyone remember to keep their cams pointed in the upright position.

What do you think about these WFH Jammies? Are you ready to completely redo your wardrobe, or are you one of those people who actually likes wearing pants? Let’s talk business and relaxation in the comments!

Featured Image: whatever inc. 

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