Quarantine Version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ Is Endlessly Relatable

A man who can only be described as a comedic genius has come out with a parody of Adele’s monster hit song, “Hello,” and it perfectly maps the vicissitude that is COVID-19 quarantine life. But be wary: While this spoof version of Adele’s classic is probably the funniest music video to come out of pandemic-catalyzed lockdown, it is also just as addictive as the original track.

Chris Mann, a recording artist who played the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera National Tour and worked his way up to finalist on the second season of The Voice, created the spoof track. Martin didn’t give any context for why he chose to parody “Hello,” (that we could find on his various social media accounts, anyway), but he’s already made three of these kinds of coronavirus-laced lyrical videos.

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Chris Mann Music

Obviously the track—which has nearly 4.4 million views as of this writing—doesn’t speak to everyone who’s currently self-quarantined. But it seems like a lot of this song is relatable for a lot people out there. Mann sings about everything from missing his neighbors to excessive FaceTime calls to not showering for days on end. He also talks about not putting on pants, ever, which may, sadly, be the most relatable part of the whole song.

Mann’s other two quarantine-related music videos, “My Corona,” a spoof of “My Sharona” by The Knack and “Stay Home and Vogue,” a spoof of “Vogue” by Madonna, are both quite excellent, if you’re looking to kill more of that seemingly endless quarantine time at home. And since we’re all the person in this song, we know you are.

What do you think about this quarantine version of Adele’s “Hello”? Did anything in the song stand out as particularly relatable? Say… hello… in the comments.

Feature image: Chris Mann Music 

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