Newscaster’s Dog Interrupts TV Weather Report

Once they step outside of the controlled space of the studio, we’ve learned that during this COVID-19 work-from-home era, most news anchors’ ability to keep control of their environments is almost completely gone. Especially if they are pet owners. This was the case with Paul Dellegatto, the chief meteorologist at Fox News 13-Tampa Bay in Florida.

Via News18, we saw that while trying to give his viewers the latest update on their weather conditions for the week, he was very rudely disrupted by his dog Brody. His adorable dog bopped the computer his master was using with his head. Because of this, the graphic with the weather map couldn’t boot up, and Dellegatto had to improvise on the spot. All with Brody mugging for the camera.

After the the whole head bopping took place, Dellegatto asked Brody to come up in his lap as he forged on with his newscast. But clearly Brody could care less what the audience wanted, as he demanded attention from daddy. Chances are, it was chow time, and Brody needed to get his grub on.  During the video, one can hear the flustered weatherman tell his pooch “That wasn’t quite smart.” But maybe it was very smart, as the video of Brody upstaging his owner got tons of views on Facebook, with viewers commenting on Brody’s showboating ways.

With all these newscasters working from home, their pets making impromptu appearances in the middle of their telecasts seems to have become a pattern during these shelter at home times. This was also the case with weatherman Jeff Lyons of WFIE’s 14 News team, whose cat Betty decided that she needed to be part of the broadcast as well. This all led to a new career for her as “Betty the weathercat.” Perhaps Brody can find a new calling as Fox News 13’s new weatherdog. We are going to go out on a limb here and declare him an early ratings winner.

Featured Image: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay / Facebook

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