A Live-Action Spider-Verse May Give Us the Best Sinister Six

Things are about to get pretty wild in Peter Parker’s world. We know that the inclusion of Jamie Foxx as Electro and the addition of Doctor Strange to Spider-Man 3 indicates that the Multiverse is definitely in play. And with rumors of Spidey facing off against the Sinister Six, could this mean we are getting Spider-Man villains from across multiple iterations of the franchise as one team?

Spider-Man fighting the Sinister Six

Marvel Comics

A Sinister Six not limited to the MCU versions of the Spider-Man villains just opened the doors to the most interesting iteration of the team we could ever get on the big screen. But who should make the cut? Yes, we know some of the below characters died in their respective movies. However, with the Multiverse in play, we don’t think that will matter. Here are our top picks for a cinematic Sinister Six with members from all across the Spider-Verse.

Green Goblin
Alex Ross' Green Goblin illustration

Alex Ross

Widely thought of as Spider-Man’s greatest villain in the comics, he is the first one to face off with him on screen in Sam Raimi’s original film. Although Willem Dafoe was fantastic in the role of Norman Osborn, that on-screen Green Goblin costume left a lot to be desired. It’s maybe the worst and most dated thing about the original film. So maybe bring back Dafoe as Gobby, but give him an all-new look that’s worthy of his portrayal. Artist Alex Ross created some great concept art for what the Goblin could have looked like back in the day, so we just say use those. Just no more Power Rangers Goblin, please!

Doctor Octopus
Alfred Molina as Doc Ock

Sony Pictures

The Green Goblin might have been the first bad guy Spider-Man faced off against on the big screen, but he wasn’t the greatest. That honor goes to Alfred Molina as Doctor Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus. Molina gave Doc Ock a sympathetic personality that he never had in the comics, as well as one killer origin sequence. His fight scene with Spider-Man on the train also still goes down as one of the best ever superhero fight scenes in any movie. We’d love to see him come back one more time, and maybe even lead the big screen version of the Sinister Six.

Jamie Foxx as Electro

Sony Pictures

We already know he’s back in play, so it seems like Electro is a no brainer to join an eventual big screen Sinister Six. Jamie Foxx has already said he “won’t be blue” this time, which suggests a more comic book accurate look. Although hopefully not too comics-accurate, because the original Steve Ditko Electro costume is pretty goofy. The two Amazing Spider-Man movies weren’t as popular as the Raimi ones, so we think they only need representation from one of those movies. And Electro would seem to be it. Sorry/not sorry, Lizard.

The Vulture
Michael Keaton as Vulture

Sony Pictures

The first super villain MCU Spidey faced was Michael Keaton‘s Vulture, and he quickly became one of Peter Parker’s best on screen adversaries. Homecoming very deliberately left Vulture alive at the end to face off with Spidey once more, so we think joining the Sinister Six could be his opportunity to get revenge. We know he shows up in Morbius, so clearly they are setting up the Vulture for some kind of big screen future. He’s definitely a lock for our version of a Sinister Six.

Mysterio in Far From Home

Sony Pictures

The most recent Spider-Rogue to face the wall crawler was Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Far From Home. Although he seemingly died, Quentin Beck is the master of illusions after all. So don’t be so sure. He has the most reason to have it in for Spidey now, given his public humiliation. We think he should be a shoo-in for the Sinister Six. It would also be great for a character who lied about being from a parallel Earth to actually have to team up with villains who actually are from alternate realities. He’d be a fraud among the real deals.

Kraven the Hunter
Kraven the Hunter in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

We think the big screen introduction to the Sinister Six needs at least one new to live-action villain from Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery. And at the top of the list for us is Kraven the Hunter. The world’s greatest big game hunter has a solo movie in development, but we think he should be introduced in a Spider-Man film first. Maybe now that Peter Parker’s secret identity has been exposed, he’s hired to hunt him down? And after failing the first time, he discovers he needs a little help. There’s never been a better time to introduce Kraven. We just hope Oscar Isaac gets to play him.

If Sony ever does do that Sinister Six movie in the future, they could always rotate members. Morbius and Venom could replace Doc Ock and Goblin, for example. If Sony and Marvel go the Multiverse route, fans will get the coolest iteration of this villainous team that we could ever get on screen. The sky’s the limit.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics

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