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TikTok Makeup Expert Transforms Into Pop Culture Icons

We’ve seen some amazing makeup artists in our time, many of who shared their work on Instagram and TikTok. But one particular makeup artist from Germany is currently blowing us all away. Meet Khaleesiisaa, who brings wild versions of pop culture favorites to life. She does makeup recreations for characters from all across the pop culture spectrum, from Disney to Marvel to the actual mythological gods. Here are some of our favorite examples of her work.

Makeup artist Khaleesiisaa's makeup illusion versions of characters Carnage, Chewbacca, and Mystique.

From the world of Marvel Comics, Khaleesiisaa gives us some symbiote realness with both Venom and Carnage. And her version of Mystique from the X-Men films is one glamourous mutant.


*ad @gfuelenergy knows what’s good😏❤️ #carnage #venom #ernergydrink

♬ original sound - khaleesiisaa

From the galaxy far, far away, this glamourous Wookie looks like Chewie’s wife from the Star Wars Holiday Special, only after a day at the beauty salon on Kashyyyk.

Does this count as the “YASS-ification” of C-3pO? We think so.

Impeccable makeup, this is.

Paying tribute to Disney animated witchery, Khaleesiisaa brings to life a twisted version of beloved character Ursula from The Little Mermaid with this wonderful makeup job.

Not exactly Disney-inspired, but this “Lion Queen” has taken our breath away. We bow down.

And these Egyptian Gods? They absolutely deserve to rule the Nile.

The holidays may be behind us, but Gremlins is a holiday movie you can love and watch year-round. Khaleesiisaa gives us not only the adorable Mogwai Gizmo, but also the mischievous lady gremlin. Maybe she shouldn’t have had any snacks after midnight.


can u imagine gizmo isnt viral yet????#vibing

♬ original sound - khaleesiisaa

On the horror tip, we think that Khaleesiisaa’s version of Pennywise is perhaps more horrifying than the one on the big screen.


FAKE BLOOD WARNING❗️ long version🤡🎈

♬ original sound - Theresa Spencer

This purple-hued tribute to the late, great Prince is amazing. We think His Royal Badness would have loved it.


i am part of the @urbandecaycosmetics makeup competition #upcomer2021 would appreciate your support on ig💜 *ad

♬ P - sophia🫶

This neon-colored tiger feels like a tribute to Lisa Frank. All you ’80s/’90s kids will know what I mean.

For much more of Khaleesiisaa’s amazing makeup skills, be sure to head on over to her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

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