Float In Your Tub With Handmade IT Pennywise Bath Bombs

Stephen King’s IT has forever ensured that whenever we walk by a sewage drain we’ll wonder whether or not a demon clown is living down there and hoping to make us lunch. The last thing we need is to also be worried about Derry’s tormentor when we are rinsing off in our own home. No one wants to hear the echoes of “we all float down here” while trying to relax in their bathroom. We might have to make an exception now though, because we can’t stop staring at these handmade Pennywise bath bombs like they’re his deadlights—even if they make for one scary soak.

Custom Pennywise bath bombs from IT.Naturalle Solutions

These equal parts delightful/equal parts horrifying bath bombs (which we first learned about at Popsugar) come from the Etsy store Naturalle Solutions. Hand-painted and 5.5 fluid ounces in size, the “Dragon’s Blood” scented bomb is made with baking soda, essential oil, colorants, coconut oil, epsom salt, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, colorant, sugar, grapeseed oil, and essence oil. And while they might make your bathroom look like a murder scene (or from Pennywise’s perspective a dinner table), they won’t stain your tub.

However, to really appreciate them is to see them in action, because as Pennywise’s head foams and fizzes into the water you can basically hear Bill Skarsgård’s maniacal laugh.

Somehow this is both the best and worst bath bomb we have ever seen. We must have it, even if it freaks us out. Also, if you have a sick/amazing sense of humor, you can use these for your children’s bath time, as they “are made specifically for kids and sensitive skin.”

They can be ordered for $6.99 and won’t take 27 years to arrive. But please, don’t leave a bath bomb near any sewage drains. That wouldn’t be funny.

Featured Image: Naturalle Solutions

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