SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Teased These Familiar Villains in Its Final Act

The climactic battle from Spider-Man: No Way Home saw the multiverse cracking open, and presumably hundreds of beings from other Earths manifesting in the sky. All of them villains who knew that Spider-Man was secretly Peter Parker. Doctor Strange tried to hold them back, and ultimately, he succeeded. But not before we made out some very familiar silhouettes coming through the breaches. Some fans out there have made posts detailing who they think they saw. But we are pretty confident in our guesses of which Spidey villains answered the call from across the Multiverse.

The Beetle
The Beetle battles his arch foe, Spider-Man.
Marvel Comics

Some folks seem convinced that one of the character silhouettes we see is Man-Spider, the humanoid arachnid form of Peter Parker. Or, the “Superior Spider-Man,” which is Doc Ock inhabiting Peter Parker’s body. This is all due to what looks like four extra appendages. While those are entirely possible, the fact that the rest of the characters we see are straight-up villains, and not alternate Peters, this all suggests to us that the character we see coming through is actually the Beetle. Abner Jenkins (and several others) have used a high-tech suit with motorized wings to attack Spidey for years. It seems he  is the most likely candidate.

The Rhino
The Rhino, the hulking brute of a Spider-Man villain.
Marvel Comics

Paul Giamatti’s Rhino did appear briefly in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in a giant robot suit. But that’s not who we saw coming through. Nope, that was the very distinct shape of the Marvel Comics version of the Rhino, Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich. While his Multiversal equivalent didn’t quite make it through to the MCU, we hope Tom Holland faces off against Aleksei one day. And in something close to his silly comics costume, and not a mech suit. We love the goofball Rhino outfit.

Black Cat
Felicia Hardy, Marvel Comics' jewel thief also called the Black Cat.
Marvel Comics

Everyone is hoping Felicia Hardy, also known as the expert jewel thief Black Cat, finally makes her way into the MCU. And into Spider-Man’s heart. Well, we might have to wait a bit longer for that to happen on screen. But the infamous cat burglar’s wild mane of hair was spotted coming through the breach. At least a version of her from another Earth nearly sashayed in.

Kraven the Hunter
Kraven the Hunter, in a panel from Kraven's Last Hunt.
Marvel Comics

Kraven very nearly was the main villain of No Way Home. And he’ll soon be getting his own movie, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role. But they showed someone coming through the breach wearing Kraven’s iconic lion mane vest, and holding a spear. It could be no one else except but him. Does this mean that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is wearing that costume in his own movie? We hope so, but this is probably a totally different version of the big game hunter. Maybe even one hailing from the comic book 616 universe. How cool would that be?

The Scorpion
Mac Gargan, the Spider-Man foe who goes by the name Scorpion.
Marvel Comics

An MCU version of the Scorpion’s civilian identity Mac Gargan has already shown up in the MCU, in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There, he was played by Orphan Black’s Michael Mando. But we’ve never seen him in his actual Scorpion costume, brandishing his deadly mechanical tail. Whatever he might wind up looking like in the MCU when he finally dons his armored suit, we can definitely see the 616 Marvel Comics universe version making his way through the breach.

Mysterio, Spider-Man's special effects expert villain.
Marvel Comics

So the MCU version of charlatan Quentin Beck is seemingly dead. At least, that’s what the end of Far From Home wants us to believe. But our little eyes definitely spied the famous fishbowl helmet of Mysterio in No Way Home coming through the mystical breach. So, we’re going to assume it’s a Mysterio from another universe who didn’t die, and tried to come through and get his revenge on Spider-Man. As long as the alternate Mysterio is still Jake Gyllenhaal, we are all for another version of Mysterio popping up in the future.

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