Nail Artist Brings Nerdy Pop Culture Flair to Her Artwork

For as long as fandom has existed, people have found the most creative ways to share their love of all things nerdy. From cosplay to paintings, and more. Us nerds? We know how to passionately display our love. And nails are no exception. 

Meet Vivian Xue Rahey, the CEO and owner of Pamper Nail Gallery. Rahey is also the creator behind the popular TikTok channel vivxue, where she shares her nail art creations. And she has over 1.6 million followers who eagerly await her new designs videos. So, of course, we became a little obsessed with her account when we came across these incredible, custom-made WandaVision nails.

Watching her hand draw Wanda’s portrait is an amazing thing to behold. And she makes it look so easy! However, you can see how much thought and work she puts into each nail. Every single one has pristine detail. From Wanda’s portrait to Vision’s design, to even the clever way she added Wanda’s forcefield to the nails. And then she even went from black and white to color, just like the show did which proves she’s not only an artist but a fan too!

Additionally, Rahey isn’t limiting which fandoms serve for inspiration either. Rahey has tons of pop culture nail art you can order or request a custom order. For example, one of her latest shares is these nails, inspired by Pixar’s Up:

Or check out these nails inspired by the popular anime, Sailor Moon.

a set of nail art inspired by anime sailor moon vivxue

The artist shares her work and is open about how sometimes, she has to start again. Which she shows in her creation of the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes. You can watch how she recovered and went from Michael Buble to Sebastian Stan after re-working her design a little.

With each video, our obsession grows. And with Halloween and some popular releases around the corner, you better start those orders. According to the website, custom requests can take up to 8 weeks. So get those orders in via her website ASAP.

Featured Image: vivxue

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