Just Some WANDAVISION Fan Art That Will Absolutely Wreck You

WandaVision is a more emotional series than many of us bargained for. It’s not that Marvel hasn’t confronted grief and trauma. They have. However, WandaVision is exploring one character’s repeated losses and power in new, deeper ways. The most recent episode of the Disney+ series, titled “Previously On,” particularly punched viewers in the heart with painful flashbacks plumbing the depths of Wanda’s sadness. And some talented artists captured the episode’s many feelings via lovely illustrations.

Wanda looking at Vision as they sit on her bed in WandaVision

Marvel Studios

“What is grief, if not love persevering?”

Jen Bartel posted this lovely piece of Vision consoling Wanda ( follow Bartel on Twitter).

Like Agatha pointed out: Vision has been there for Wanda in the past. The episode depicted Vision sitting by Wanda’s side after Pietro’s death, talking to her about her grief, which she compared to a continuous wave trying to knock her down. Wanda explained she was tired of fighting it. She seemed worried that giving into her grief would mean she’d be lost in it with no end in sight. But Vision offered a different perspective.

Later, when she talked to Fake Pietro about losing Vision, Wanda said she only saw endless nothingness. How will she pull out of it without Vision by her side?

Theo’s piece continues the heartache with Wanda bringing Vision into being ( follow Theo on Instagram).

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Another take on Wanda creating Vision using her chaos magic comes from Lucas Werneck ( follow Werneck on Instagram).

Katherine Kuehne’s illustration depicts Wanda all alone and we cannot ( follow Kuehne on Twitter).

Then Andrea’s here with a heart-wrenching embrace (follow Andrea on Twitter).

Madi Mitchell drew Wanda just as she totally lost it after unfolding the deed to her and Vision’s home ( follow Mitchell in Instagram).

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Perhaps the most touching and brutal of all is this piece by Liridi, which you can buy a print of in their INPRNT store. It features Wanda growing older with Vision. Aww.

Older Wanda hugging Vision fan art


Us looking at all this fan art:

Wanda fighting tears in WandaVision

Marvel Studios

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