Olympics SAILOR MOON Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine Steals Show

It has been a great Olympics season for nerds everywhere. From homages to shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender,   The Witcherand more, geeky goodness was everywhere in Tokyo. Though the games have concluded, moments of fannish love are still emerging. One of the most beautiful displays comes in the form of a Sailor Moon rhythmic gymnastics routine, performed by the Uzbekistani team.

Here is the full routine:

Though rhythmic gymnastics is a lesser-known Olympic event, there’s no denying the intensity of skill necessary to compete. But, for long-time fans of the anime, this routine pulls on the heartstrings as well. As SoraNews24 first reported, the Uzbekistani team set their Olympic entry to “Moonlight Densetsu”/”Moonlight Legend.” This instrumental track is, of course, the opening theme of the original Sailor Moon anime. Watching this routine will definitely have fans singing along to the theme’s lyrics in their heads.

The official Japanese account for the Tokyo Olympic Games even celebrated the routine. The account shared that the team’s costumes honored the culture of Japan.

And indeed, the costumes were on point, capturing everything from Sailor Moon’s blue sailor skirt to her pink transformation brooch. This attention to detail completed the fantasy of the routine. Many a fan has probably dreamed of being a Sailor Scout themselves, and it’s always fun to see that dream realized. As they twirl and leap through the air, the team perfectly calls to mind the iconic Sailor Moon transformation sequences. It’s almost shocking they don’t become fully rainbow, galactic beings at any point!

Sailor Moon rhythmic gymnastics routine and image of Sailor moon from anime

Rhythmic Gymnastics/Toei Animation

Though Uzbekistan placed ninth overall, they took the gold medal in fandom’s hearts. Whether in music choice, hairstyle, costume, or all of the above, it’s always exciting to see fans take the world’s biggest stage at the Olympics.

Rotem Rusak is the East Coast News Editor for Nerdist. Her bylines have appeared in The Mary Sue, Screen Rant, Bam Smack Pow, and more. 

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