This Cat Cosplayer Brings Book and Film Characters to Life

Caturday is technically every day at Nerdist. (So many of us have cats at home!) We can’t resist anything with a cat. We love to see them chase things, solve puzzles, and even shove themselves into small spaces. Cats truly cannot do wrong, including those who steal from neighbors. There are many famous cats on the web and countless videos of them doing funny, odd, and interesting things. But this cat just might be our new favorite star. Meet Horatio, a cosplaying cat who brings a lot of style and pure joy to patrons at the Centre Country Library & Historical Museum’s three locations in Pennsylvania. He dresses up as book/movie characters and literary figures for the library’s ongoing programs.

a photo of an orange and white cat dressed like Mr. Rogers beside a book. Horatio the cosplay cat.

WTAJ TV/ YouTube

Horatio is new to us. (Thanks to Neatorama for putting us on.) But he’s certainly not a recent star. The very cute (and apparently calm) cat has been on the job since 2014. His human, Lisa Shaffer, is the brilliant mind behind his many costumes. And wow do they make a great pair. Horatio’s been a bit of everyone from Daenerys to Big Bird.

He’s a very good kitty, donning wigs, tiny glasses, coats, and more without going into a tailspin. Horatio also poses with stuffed animals, including cats. Sometimes, Horatio gives the camera a peaceful grin. He seems to enjoy posing almost as much as we enjoy looking at his many photos on Instagram. There are literally over a hundred great Horatio outfits but these are a few of our favorites.

Can you get your cat to do this? I don’t know. Horatio is around 13 years old so he’s a seasoned fellow. And maybe your cat is a little (or a lot) more wily. You can try but it may not happen. There’s only one Horatio.

Horatio, you are a hero. A star. A true cosplay legend. We hope you keep bringing joy to library visitors for many more Caturdays to come.

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