True Cat Lover Builds Life-Sized LEGO Version of His Kitty

YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris shared a charming video of his LEGO build of Bella, his girlfriend’s stripey kitty. He previously made a life-size LEGO replica of his black cat named Ralph. Even though he’s a LEGO master, it took a few tries to get the shape right. He only had to deal with black bricks for Ralph but Bella has the added complexity of stripes. Not to mention her colorful donut that keeps her from irritating a skin condition. The result is a cute video of a cute LEGO build of a cute cat—a perfect way to spend six minutes. 

While he was at it, he also made little LEGO sets of his dearly departed kitties. Rather than spend hours making more life-size LEGO builds, he instead uses the LEGO cats that come with certain sets. Apparently the black cat only comes in a few. The ginger kitty looks like one I have of Goose that came as part of the 2019 Comic-Con exclusive Captain Marvel set. But it also could be part of the Cat Lady set from The LEGO Movie, which somehow only comes with one cat. Major oversight.

There should certainly be more LEGO cats in general. There’s already some cats in the LEGO Ideas category, but maybe Half-Asleep Chris will submit his designs. That way people can tinker with making their own life-sized versions for their kitties to rub up against, knock off the shelf, and scare themselves with. Though Bella and Ralph seem relatively disinterested with their likenesses. They move on after a few whisker rubs. But they’re cats, so you know they’re judging.

A black cat and a stripey cat meet the life-sized LEGO versions of themselves
Half-Asleep Chris

Other videos on Half-Asleep Chris’s YouTube channel include lots of cat and LEGO content. Like a  LEGO train build that covers his entire house or a surveillance video from Ralph’s collar

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