Here’s a Fun, Unique Way to Make a LEGO Model of Your Cat

LEGOs, the toy bricks that fill the fantasies of children and adults alike—shoutout to 35-year-olds with enough LEGO for a mortgage downpayment—are great for so many things. Not just celebrating incredible sci-fi worlds, but also commemorating events like rocket launches and boat crashes (like that of the Titanic). Or, in this case, turning your cat into a LEGO model.

Christopher Burton, who goes by Half-Asleep Chris online, recently posted his journey to build a LEGO Ralph. Ralph, of course, is our star cat. Burton’s been very into building with the plastic bricks recently. He’s assembled everything from a giant LEGO rollercoaster to an equally giant LEGO train set.

A goofy looking LEGO version of a black cat model that has very little resemblance to a feline.

Half-Asleep Chris

For this build, the YouTuber tacked a next-level design challenge. The rollercoaster and train set were more modular amalgams—basically stuck-together duplicates of the same set. However, building LEGO Ralph was an artistic challenge. Burton even needed to visit Legoland Windsor. (If only we could solve all of life’s problems by visiting Legoland. Sigh.)

After several failed attempts at making LEGO Ralph (e.g., the one above), Burton nails the final design at around five-and-a-half minutes into the video. Sadly, Burton couldn’t rely on LEGO’s photo converter or online building software. However, simple trial-and-error led to a brilliant-looking LEGO Ralph. Or “Rolph,” as Burton dubs the creation. An adorable LEGO model, for sure.

A black cat licking a LEGO model version of itself as it sits on a carpet in a living room.

Half-Asleep Chris

As for how the real Ralph feels about the LEGO Rolph? Burton shows the pair of felines getting on splendidly at the end of the video. Although the YouTuber covering LEGO Rolph with cat yogurt helped the friendship really bud. Speaking of which, we think Burton should make a LEGO version of Ralph’s companion, Bella. Only out of Technic pieces and motors so she can flee when her flesh self tries to lick her face.

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