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CAPTAIN MARVEL and the ASIS Come to LEGO Life in This SDCC Exclusive Set

San Diego Comic-Con is sneaking up on us and we couldn’t be more excited. The biggest nerd event of the year is the perfect summer celebration. It’s where fandom and passion collide, and where all of the merch you’ve been craving finally comes to bright and shiny life. The best part about being a fan at SDCC is having access to exclusive merchandise that nobody else can get. Need to fill a shelf with fun toys from your favorite properties? SDCC will have you covered. We’re already learning about a ton of exciting exclusives this year, including this LEGO Captain Marvel set that is right up our alley.

Based on the billion-dollar superhero flick, this SDCC set includes the cosmic blonde and her ship, the ASIS, along with the flerken-ized feline Goose and Carol Danvers’ best friend, Maria Rambeau.

As you can see, this set is loaded with spunk! Goose is full-tentacled alien, with his massive teeth flashing to betray his typically cutesy exterior. Carol Danvers is imbued with the flames that power her through space and ward off enemies. The grounded Rambeau comes complete with a headset and a helmet, and is dressed in her pilot suit, ready for action.

The set comes with 271 pieces, is intended for ages 9 and up, and will run SDCC attendees $45.

Fans interested in this exclusive LEGO set can enter a submission of interest through the San Diego Comic-Con “Exclusive Portal” beginning the last week of June for the chance to purchase it at the show. It’s one of many exciting exclusives fans can expect to see on the site. This one in particular is super exciting for Captain Marvel fans, as it shows off not just the two most exciting characters in the film, but our favorite alien cat, and all of the color and pizazz that made the movie so immediately lovable.

Images: Disney, Marvel, LEGO

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