Mini Camera Captures a Day in the Life of a Cat

I love my cat. Gina is sweet, playful, and loving. She’s not very bright, though. Or at least that’s what she wants me to think. I know the truth: she’s always up to something. What might that be? No idea. None. Zero. I’ve been a cat owner for decades and I still never have any clue what my feline friends are doing. Other than it’s usually something weird. But what if I could spend all day with her, going into the many nooks and crannies she hides in? And what is life like for her late at night when the rest of the house is sleeping? That’s what one cat owner set out to learn. He attached a camera to his pet, to see what his little guy really does.

The answer won’t surprise anyone. But it will entertain you.

Half-Asleep Chris‘s latest YouTube video (which we first came across at Laughing Squid) covers the exploits of his cat Ralph over 24 hours. Using a series of lightweight Insta360 GO 2 mini-cameras, he filmed everything his pet did during the course of a normal day. (Don’t worry, it weighs just 26 grams. The company calls it “the world’s smallest action camera.”)

From running around the house, to looking out the window, to eating and sleeping, Ralph lives about the most ordinary life possible for a house cat. But while that might not sound exciting, seeing the world from his perspective is. This video provides a whole new way to appreciate how our pets traverse the same home as us, but in completely different ways.

A bed near a window seen from the point of view of a cat, whose paw and whiskers can be seenHalf-Asleep Chris

For Ralph that also includes dealing with his feline housemate, Bella. She’s an older cat who prefers to be alone. At least she does when she’s not tormenting him. Turns out when no humans are around Bella likes to mess with Ralph. But that might not be a bad thing.

I would have guessed when no one is looking they secretly plot something nefarious. Cats are always up to something. The good news is that “something” isn’t much at all. And cat owners are used to their pets being lazy or difficult.

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