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Everything We Know About the KNIVES OUT Sequel

Daniel Craig charmed audiences as dogged detective Benoit Blanc in 2019’s Knives Out. The whodunit from director Rian Johnson was a critic and general audience pleaser. And with that film’s mystery resolved, fans wanted a sequel. We found out Johnson was at work on a follow-up to the murder mystery in early 2020. News about the sequel has been scarce since then. But then Netflix threw down major cash for the rights to not only Knives Out 2, but Knives Out 3. A whole Knives Outtrilogy!

Daniel Craig makes a goofy face in Knives Out


Here’s everything we know about the Knives Out sequel so far.

Behind the Scenes and the Story

The trilogy will reunite Johnson and Daniel Craig (whom we hope performs with a different ridiculous accent in each film), and we cannot wait. Give him a new mystery to solve, a la Agatha Christie (which is how Johnson envisioned the movie in the first place). He figured out who killed mystery writer Harlan Thrombey and how they did it; a talented and entertaining cast surrounded Craig too. So put Benoit Blanc on the case. We’ll happily watch the suspicion in his eyes while Blanc chews on clues. And I won’t complain if we get another monologue comparable to his musings on the donut and its hole.

Hopes and dreams aside, we don’t have any details on the plot yet.

The Powerful Cast
Leslie Odom Jr. in One Night in Miami.

Amazon Studios

We know Daniel Craig is returning, and a heck of a lot of talented actors are reportedly on board with the project too. So far we have: Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Kate Hudson, and Outer Banksstar Madelyn Cline. Per Deadline, Jessica Henwick is the latest to join the cast; she is best known for playing Nymeria Sand on Game of Thrones and Colleen Wing in the MCU TV series.

Nymeria Sand wields a bow and sword in Game of Thrones.


We don’t know who all of these very fine folks are playing yet. Maybe one of them will be a murder victim? Maybe we’ll see multiple murders? All we know is that Rian Johnson had better put Dave Bautista in a cable knit sweater.

Release Date

On June 28, director Rian Johnson graced Twitter with an announcement. The first day of shooting had kicked off in Greece!

Hopefully we’ll see the next installment in 2022, but we don’t have a release date yet.

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