Everything We Know About HBO MAX Streaming Service

The streaming wars are about to get even more heated. Joining Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime — and soon, Disney+ — Warner Media are set to launch their own streaming platform to the masses. And now, the service officially has a name: HBO Max. There’s even a new video making the big announcement, which has quite a few hints as to what is to come when the service officially launches.

What Will HBO Max’s Library Consist Of?

Warner Brothers has a vast array of well known movies and television, spanning the better part of a century. Included as part of HBO Max’s library are properties from Warner Bros. Studios, New Line Cinema, DC Entertainment, Looney Tunes, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, The CW, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll, and Rooster Teeth.

Also included is a huge part of the old MGM library of films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, which we hope will find a home on this service. We know The Wizard of Oz will. Some Warner properties have pre-existing deals with other streamers that preclude them from being part of HBO Max. At least for the time being.

The service will  have the exclusive streaming rights at launch to all 236 episodes of Friends, which is currently on Netflix. Other TV classics produced by Warner Brothers Television like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Pretty Little Liars will be exclusive to HBO Max as well.  It will also be the exclusive streaming home to new Warner Bros.’ produced series for The CW beginning with the fall 2019 season, including the highly-anticipated new DC Entertainment show Batwoman, and the upcoming  Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene.

What Are HBO Max’s Original Series?

So far, several previously announced original series will run exclusively on this service. Included among them are some well known IP, like Dune: The Sisterhood, an companion series to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune film, and a Gremlins animated show. Also included are new original shows by producers like Paul Feig and Greg Berlanti. Big Little Lies’ Reese Witherspoon will also be producing at least one film for the service.

Of course, upcoming HBO series like the Game of Thrones prequel, Watchmen, and Joss Whedon’s new series The Nevers will be included as well. Also JJ Abrams’ and Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country and the Stephen King series The Outsider will sure to have horror fans excited.

What Is The Price Point Going To Be?

As of yet, unknown. Disney+ is going to launch with a $7.99 a month price point, so that will no doubt spur HBO Max to offer something competitive. However, the cable version of HBO is currently $15.00 a month, so it would seem strange if the streaming version was not priced somewhere in that range.

When Does HBO Max Launch?

There’s not a specific launch date given quite yet, sometime in Spring of 2020. A beta version is set to roll out sometime in the fall of 2019.

What About DC Universe?

The DC Universe streaming app launched last year, with shows like Titans, Doom Patrol, and the recently canned Swamp Thing. But speculation has run rampant that it will fold into the new HBO Max service, perhaps as DC Comics oriented sub section. The video announcement lends credence to this rumor, as we briefly see Doom Patrol’s logo among the many titles shown. That is pretty telling right there.

Will Other WB Owned IP Get Their Own Section of HBO Max?

If DC Universe becomes its own section, there is plenty of Warner IP that could foster similar sub sections all their own too. J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World is rumored for a series for the service already, which could be part of a whole Harry Potter sub section.

And Warner’s iconic horror library is one of the best of any studio, and includes titles and franchises like A Nightmare on Elm St., The Conjuring, The Shining, The Exorcist, Stephen King’s It, and tons of others. They could develop new movies or shows around any of those existing properties for a horror themed destination that would be a part of the larger service overall.

Images: Warner Media