T. Rex Munches Man on Toilet in Mattel JURASSIC PARK Action Figure Set

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But in the case of hapless lawyer Donald Gennaro in Jurassic Park, the decision might just get you killed. Mattel Creation’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive action figure set depicts this memorable scene from the nearly 30-year-old movie. It comes with articulating Gennaro with hat and briefcase, collapsing tiki-style bathroom, and of course a Tyrannosaurus rex. Recreate the scene where, as the Mattel Instagram account put it, “a rampaging T. rex made him a dessert ‘a la commode.'” After all, who doesn’t want to add this Jurassic Park toilet kill to their toybox?

Jurassic Park action figures depicting a T. rex chasing Donald Gennaro into the bathroom

The Outhouse Chaos Set is part of the Jurassic World Hammond Collection of high-quality fan-service action figures. The T. rex is described as “rain deco,” which we assume means it looks darker and wetter than the regular T. rex in the Hammond collection. Mattel hasn’t released the price, but that solo dino costs $54.

Other creative additions to Mattel’s Jurassic Park playsets include 2021’s Comic-Con exclusive of Samuel L. Jackson’s character de-limbing by a velociraptor. And a Dennis Nedry action figure packaged inside a shaving cream can. And those are all pretty good, but this Jurassic Park toilet set still comes in as our favorite.

You can also buy action figures of Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm wielding flares to try and lure the T. Rex away. Or pre-order the set depicting the thirst-inducing scene of Ian Malcolm shirtless after his own run-in with the T. rex.

Like that set, Gennaro’s outhouse adventure comes with lights and sounds to set the scene. Whether those will include rain or roars is currently unknown. Screams and pleas are essentially Gennaro’s only lines during that part of the movie. That could be a bit unsettling coming from a toy. As would the articulating body coming apart, though that also happens in the movie. Then again, this Jurassic Park toy set depicts a brutal toilet murder, so, we wouldn’t be surprised.

The action figure set is available starting at 9 am on July 22 on Mattel Creation’s website or in-person at San Diego Comic-Con. 

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