New Dennis Nedry Figure Comes in Shaving Cream Packaging

Forget the magic word. Jurassic Park fans will likely say anything to get their hands on an all-new exclusive action figure. It’s an original mold of the Hawaiian shirt-wearing saboteur Dennis Nedry, complete with appropriate accessories for stealing ten years worth of research and billions in dinosaur embryos. But that’s not why they’ll be willing to spare no expense to take home this collectible. It also comes with some of the best packaging ever, one worthy of Dodgson himself. This Dennis Nedry figure comes hidden inside a can of Barbasol shaving cream.

New Dennis Nedry Figure Comes in Shaving Cream Packaging_1Mattel/Entertainment Earth

Mattel‘s new online San Diego Comic-Con exclusive (which we first heard about at io9) is a 3.75-inch Dennis Nedry figure adorned in the clothes he wears in his first appearance, the classic, “Dodgson! Dodgson! We’ve got Dodgson here” scene. That’s when Dodgson gives him a fake working can of Barbasol shaving cream to smuggle out dino embryos from the park. This new, original mold Nedry comes inside an accurate replica of that can. The only difference is the figure replaces the embryo storage unit. The entire item stands 7.5-inches tall.

It also features a bag of money, a slice of cherry pie with the worst “whipped” topping ever, and a tiny Barbasol can for Nedry to never get off the island. The can itself also lights up when you twist the bottom. And if you press the nozzle you’ll hear some of Wayne Knight’s dialogue from the movie.

New Dennis Nedry Figure Comes in Shaving Cream Packaging_2Mattel/Entertainment Earth

This figure ($20) is available to pre-order at Entertainment Earth. But for a limited time, with only one figure per customer. It will also be available in July from Mattel Creations.

We doubt they will last long at either location. This is a fantastic figure that embraces all the fun of an all-time great prop from a fantastic scene in an iconic movie.

That’s why it would please us to get one. And we know how important that word was to Dennis Nedry.

Featured Image: Mattel/Entertainment Earth

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