Foo Fighters Cover The Bee Gees’ ‘You Should Be Dancing’

Although the Foo Fighters have produced enough of their own music for everyone and their toddler, they still do covers. They’re just as good as the originals (duh, it’s the Foo Fighters). Including this new cover of The Bee Gees’ hit song “You Should Be Dancing” from 1976. And really all we can say about it is: You Should Be Dancing. Yeahhhhhhhhhh.

Laughing Squid picked up on the Foo Fighters’ cover of the hit ’70s song, which the band released to its YouTube channel. The song’s just one of several Bee Gees covers that will be on the Foo Fighters’ upcoming album Hail Satin, which is set for release on July 17, 2021. It’ll be available exclusively on vinyl and will feature five disco covers, including four of Bee Gees’ songs.

In the video, frontman Dave Grohl and bandmates play on a stage reminiscent of that from the Bee Gees’ golden period. Specifically, it looks like the stage from one of the band’s concerts in ’79. You know, like the one in the video below.

Along with the five disco covers, the vinyl’s B-side will have five live versions of Foo Fighters’ songs, all from their 2021 album, Medicine at Midnight. The band is dropping a legit vinyl as a part of Record Store Day, an annual event inaugurated in 2007. The event is held on one Saturday every April and every Black Friday in November with the aim of “[celebrating] the culture of the independently owned record store.”

This album is hardly the only thing the Foo Fighters have going. The band is also going on tour around the world beginning this month. Plus, you know, writing books, helping to nurture young virtuosos, and making music with Dave Chapelle. Which is a long, but necessary list of stuff. Because there’s a lot of foo out there, and somebody needs to fight it.

Feature image: Foo Fighters

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