Foo Fighters Invited a 5-Year-Old on Stage to Rock Out

Most of our dreams rock stardom with a beloved band will forever go unfulfilled. Sorry to break it to you, that’s just probability. But for one boy at the 2019 Belfast Vital music festival in Northern Ireland, that was not the case. That’s because at the ripe old age of five, Foo Fighters fan Taylor Davids was invited up on stage by none other than frontman Dave Grohl himself to dance. No wait. To… DANCE HIS LITTLE AWESOME HEART OUT OHHHH YEAH [INSERT CACOPHONY OF SCREAMS HERE]!!!!!!!

Laughing Squid picked up on the videos of Taylor dancing on stage alongside a screaming, growling, guitar-playing Grohl, which have now gone viral. And it’s no wonder, because Taylor didn’t just jump up on stage and hide behind Grohl with a sheepish smile and gentle head nod, he got up there and danced as if this were going to be the last concert he’d ever attend. Even though it was literally his first.

Taylor’s thrashing zeal should come as no surprise, however, not only because he was up there with Dave freakin’ Grohl, but also because Foo Fighters is his parents’ favorite band. In fact, both of Taylor’s names come from Foo Fighters band members — Taylor after Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins and Davids after Dave Grohl. Check out the video of Taylor showing off his “Monkey Wrench” scream, which was actually recorded before he went up on stage later on in the night.

What do you think about Taylor’s performance up on stage with Foo Fighters? How would you handle this scenario with your dream band if it were ever to happen to you? GIVE US YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS, PEOPLE!!!!! WE LOVE YOU, [INSERT CITY YOU’RE IN]!!!

Feature image: MRJOSHHYT

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