All the Spider-Man Villains Confirmed for NO WAY HOME

The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailers sure gave us a lot to chew on. And it confirmed that we are getting multiple villains, all from the previous iterations of the Spider-Man films. So that means we’ve officially got ourselves a Spider-verse, people. And given the number of baddies we’re seeing, we think the Sinister Six is for sure on the way. Here are all the Spider-Man villains the the trailers confirmed, as well as those hinted strongly and others we’re hoping to see. Let’s start with the most welcome return of all.

Doctor Octopus 
Alfred Molina as the returning Doctor Octopus in his Spider-Man: No Way Home character poster.
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Yes folks, that is indeed Alfred Molina back as Doctor Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus, a.k.a. Doc Ock. He was one of the first non-MCU Spidey villains confirmed for No Way Home. And if you’re thinking, “Wow, Doc Ock looks exactly like he did in Spider-Man 2,” that’s because Molina confirmed they digitally de-aged him.

Considering that Otto looked pretty dead at the end of Spider-Man 2, it’ll be interesting to see how Doc Ock comes back in Now Way Home. Was he plucked from a point in the timeline before his demise? He has the most screen time in all the trailers, and we see him held in Doctor Strange’s sanctum. We have a feeling he winds up helping Spider-Man and his pals more than fighting them.

Green Goblin
Green Goblin's Spider-Man: No Way Home character poster.
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

In the first No Way Home trailer, we saw one of Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs go off, followed by the familiar cackle of one Willem Dafoe. That confirmed Spider-Man’s first on-screen villain, Norman Osborn would indeed be back. Although Gobby is wearing his original Power Ranger-esque suit from the Sam Raimi film in all the posters, the other green-hued people we see on gliders in the second trailer suggest Norman might have more than one look.

Jamie Foxx as Electro, in his Spider-Man: No Way Home character poster.
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios 

Jamie Foxx was the first returning villain from outside the MCU confirmed for No Way Home. The film’s second trailer showcased Electro’s powers manifesting, and his visual makeover. Gone is the blue glow, replaced by yellow lightning. In fact, his powers now manifest in ways that evoke his classic costume from the comics. This lightning now forms a pattern over his face which alludes to the classic Steve Ditko-designed Electro mask. In certain TV spots, Electro even wears what looks to be one of Tony Stark’s ARC reactors. Is this the reason for the updated look? 

Sandman fights Spidey at the Statue of Liberty in the No Way Home trailer.
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Another arrival from the Raimi-verse is Sandman. We can definitely see the form of what looks like Thomas Haden Church’s sand form in the trailers. Although Thomas Haden Church has not been confirmed as having a role (and we do not see his human form in the trailer) we’re pretty sure he’d at least voice the character.

Doctor Strange in the trailers so far suggests all the returning villains died fighting their Spideys. However, unlike Doc Ock and Green Goblin, Flint Marko/William Baker didn’t so much die as just… blow away. At least that’s what Spider-Man 3 seemed to imply. So no resurrection plot device needed. Sandman was one of the better aspects of that third Raimi Spider-Man movie, so we’re happy to have him back.

The Lizard
The Lizard attacks in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

There is a very fast “blink and ya miss it” moment in the trailer for No Way Home which shows Peter attacked by some kind of anthropomorphic creature. It’s a dark scene, and hard to make out. Lots of fans speculated that it was Venom. But the Venom Tom Hardy plays never fought Peter Parker. And we doubt that their eventual confrontation is going to be part of a group effort.

Nope, that’s The Amazing Spider-Man‘s the Lizard. It seems each pre-Tom Holland Spidey movie has some representation, and his appearance would tick that box. In the second Now Way Home trailer, we see the Lizard lunging in the air, next to Electro and Sandman. But is actor Rhys Ifans back? Like Sandman, we don’t see his human form in any trailers. But we imagine if Lizard returns, his original actor must be involved in some way.

So, if we’re doing a Multiversal version of the Sinister Six—as we have long guessed—that leaves a sixth slot that is empty. Who could fill it? There are plenty of options still, believe it or not. Here are our top guesses on who could comprise the final member of the Sinister Six in Spider-Man: No Way Home:

The Vulture and Mysterio
Side by side of Michael Keaton as the Vulture, and Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios 

The two super villains Spider-Man fought in the MCU could technically fill the sixth slot. We know Vulture is still alive. And Mysterio could have faked his death easily. But it feels like they’re going for a Sinister Six made up only of villains from the pre-MCU Spidey films. You never know, either one of these guys could surprise us and join up.

The Scorpion
Michael Mando as Mac Gargan.

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios 

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we have a formal introduction to Mac Gargan (Michael Mando). And we see him talking to Michael Keaton’s Vulture in prison. Four years later, we’re still waiting for him to suit up as the Scorpion. But he has two strikes against him. He’s never fought Spidey as a super villain. And he’s another MCU villain, and we think they’re leaning into Multiverse only baddies this time.

The Rhino
The Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios 

Yes folks, Paul Giamatti played the Rhino at the tail end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We don’t blame you if you forgot. It seemed to be setting him up for bigger things. But as we all know, there was no The Amazing Spider-Man 3. So maybe being baddie #6 in the Sinister Six is Rhino redemption at last?

And pure speculation here: We think this iteration of the Sinister Six is a one-off. However, the name will probably stick around. If the Sinister Six gets their own movie eventually, we imagine an all-star line-up of more recent Spider-verse adversaries. Think the previously mentioned Vulture and Mysterio, plus Venom and Morbius. By that time, they will have introduced Kraven the Hunter in his own film. Perhaps led by one surviving member of the previous Sinister Six? Perhaps they could even work with another villain that everyone is waiting to meet. (Mephisto, ehm.) One thing’s for sure. Sony and Marvel aren’t leaving this Sinister Six concept lying around. This is probably just the beginning.

Originally published on August 24, 2021.

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