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Sideshow Reveals AVENGERS: ENDGAME 1/6 Scale Figures

The following contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. If you have not yet seen the film, then please do so before reading the rest of this piece.

Avengers: Endgame is filled with moments that fans will want to relive again and again. Heck, fans will want to relive just the moments from the final act alone, because its so jaw-droppingly amazing. So leave it to Sideshow Toys to give Marvel-heads a way to do just that. Their recently announced wave of Endgame high end collectible figures is truly astonishing.

This first wave offers four of the original six Avengers, as well as the universe’s biggest bad, Thanos. You can check out images of these incredible sixth-scale figures below.

Among these figures are Tony Stark/Iron Man in his Mark LXXXV armor, looking like he’s about to send Thanos packing in the battle of Avengers Compound. Sideshow expects to ship this incredibly detailed figure from July to September of 2020. It’ll run you $423. You can pre-order Iron Man here.

Natasha Romanoff is next, in a figure sporting her signature pony tail from the film. The Black Widow figure is scheduled to ship in April-June of 2020, and will set you back $235.

After going through a bit of a “Nomad phase” in Infinity War, Steve Rogers shaved off his beard in Endgame, and went back to his Captain America look when it came time to kick Thanos’ butt. This first Avenger figure will also come out in April-June of 2020, and is priced at $274.

The last of the OG Avengers in this wave is Clint Barton. Although listed here as Hawkeye, this is definitely Clint in his Ronin identity from the first act of Endgame, swords and all. Like his best friend Natasha, Clint will ship in April-June of 2020, and is available for pre-order at a price point of $274.

And last but certainly not least, Thanos himself. The Mad Titan is in his final battle look, complete with that lethal melee weapon. Gamora and Nebula’s good for nothin’ Daddy is the biggest of the figures, and will be the firs to ship in January to March of 2020. The Thanos deluxe figure will cost fans $415, and you can pre-order him now by clicking here.

To see more images of these Avengers: Endgame figures, as well as several other from both Captain Marvel and Infinity War, be sure to head on over to the Sideshow Collectibles site.

Images: Sideshow Toys

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