Pym Particle Snacks and All the Treats at Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus is finally opening in Disney California Adventure after a long delay. And as much as we’re looking forward to all the Marvel-themed attractions, we’re also looking forward to the food. But can the west coast home of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes compete with Disneyland’s other dining offerings? Eateries like the Blue Bayou or quick-service restaurants like Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Well, the official Disney Parks Blog has shared dining details for all you foodies out there. We now have the low down on what to expect from Avengers Campus’s eating options. And it’s not only the Guardians of the Galaxy-themed options that look out of this world.

Pym Test Kitchen
An image of the exterior of the Pym Test Kitchen

Disney Parks Blog

In the MCU, Ant-Man and the Wasp used “Pym Particles” to make things shrink or grow. At the Pym Test Kitchen, the quick-service restaurant utilizes Pym Particles to grow and shrink various foods. You can indulge in “hero-sized meals” or “tiny treats,” all while you watch the Pym food scientists working their science know-how in the kitchen lab.

A side by side image of a giant pretzel and a bright green beverage

Disney Parks Blog

Perhaps the most fun aspect of the Pym Test Kitchen is watching the growing and shrinking of a pretzel, making its way through the quantum tunnel directly above. Patrons will see the pretzel go from large to small, then small to large. All until it finally grows into a super-sized pretzel designed for sharing. The Pym Testing Lab will also offer oversized craft beers, and “particle-infused cocktail experiments and beer cocktails.”

Shawarma Palace
Fall in love with the Shawarma Palace just like the Avengers did.

Disney Parks Blog

After the Battle of New York (a.k.a. the first Avengers film), Iron Man convinces his new friends to go with him to try shawarma. From that point on, shawarma and the Avengers have gone hand in hand. Tony Stark seemingly loved the food so much that now Avengers Campus will have its own Shawarma Palace. The food cart will offer New York’s tastiest chicken shawarma wrap, along with an Impossible Victory Falafel. Shawarma Palace comes decked out with Avengers memorabilia as well.

Terran Treats
Iron Man's Infinity Gauntlet from Endgame is one of many novelties found at Terran Treat at Avengers Campus.

Disney Parks Blog

Near  Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is yet another food cart that Marvel fans will certainly want to check out. Curated by Taneleer Tivan, known better as the Collector,  this cart features strange and exotic “galactic concoctions” created to lure guests to his fortress. We’re personally most looking forward to the Sweet Spiral Ration, churro spirals with unique flavors. What is Disneyland without churros after all?

Coolest part of all? This cart is where MCU fans can buy cool novelties, like the Pym Particle Capsule or the Pym Particle Disc. But what we think everyone will really want is the Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet, made to hold your soft drinks. We have a feeling these will be quite popular.

For more information on Avengers Campus’ full menu of items, and how to mobile order food and drinks, be sure to click here. Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure on June 4.

Featured Image: Disney Parks Blog

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