INFINITY WAR Survivors Gather for Shawarma in Last Supper Style Fan Art

Marvel Studios has been famous for its post credits scenes ever since Nick Fury appeared to Tony Stark to talk about a little something called the Avengers Initiative at the end of the first Iron Man movie. That was ten years go. But what is maybe their most beloved post credits sequence came after the first Avengers. After Tony Stark casually mentions he’s never eaten shawarma, we get a hilarious moment of the entire team, post battle and weary, silently eating some shawarma in a damaged diner in Manhattan.

Via The Mary Sue, digital artist Boss Logic, a.k.a. Kode A., took that iconic scene and created what is perhaps his masterpiece. In two separates scenes inspired by the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, all the main heroes from the film are gathered around the table in “The Last Supper” style, once again enjoying their shawarma; this piece was done before the film was released. Then, in the second, more recent piece, we see all the surviving Avengers and their allies, mourning their massive losses from the finale of the film at the same table. You can even see the dust of each character Thanos snapped away floating into the air, while our heroes look lost and despondent.

Several characters that didn’t appear in Infinity War are featured in the piece–characters we know survived, like Ant-Man and Hawkeye. The soon-to-arrive hero Captain Marvel is there, and it wouldn’t be a proper Marvel Cinematic Universe ensemble without Stan Lee making an appearance.

Here’s hoping that next year, when the untitled fourth Avengers movie hits, Boss Logic can make a third “Last Supper” inspired piece that’s a wee bit cheerier, and we can see everyone alive and happy and enjoying their shawarma.

What do you think of Boss Logic’s newest art? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Images: Marvel Studios

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