This ’90s CAPTAIN MARVEL Website is Totally Tubular

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the upcoming Captain Marvel movie: Carol Danvers is a badass, Kelly Sue DeConnick has been consulting on the flick, it’s the MCU’s first female-led movie, and of course it’s set in everyone’s favorite decade, the ’90s! Well if you’re most excited about that latter fact and can’t get enough of that good neon, spandex, Saved By the Bell life then you’ll love the new official Captain Marvel website.

This ’90s CAPTAIN MARVEL Website is Totally Tubular_1

The Geocities-style site is full of the ’90s things that we love like animated pixel gifs, comic sans, word art, a click counter, and playable games and hidden interactive pop ups. It’s a really fun nod to the film’s period setting and is a total throwback for those of us who grew up during the early days of the internet.

This ’90s CAPTAIN MARVEL Website is Totally Tubular_2

If you’re looking for some new info or images you’ll likely be a little disappointed though it’s a lot of fun to explore and discover the little Easter eggs hidden throughout. Thanks to a cheeky hidden pop-up, you can now make like Carol Danvers and punch a old lady Skrull in the face and there’s plenty of great ’90s web design to make you feel really old.

This ’90s CAPTAIN MARVEL Website is Totally Tubular_3

The website feels pretty legit and it looks like even though it isn’t actually coded in HTML, they did add a broken image to make it that little bit more authentic. You can also learn even more about the terrifying foes that Captain Marvel will finally be introducing to the MCU, the Skrulls, with a fun about page which includes a Spot-a-Skrull game.

This ’90s CAPTAIN MARVEL Website is Totally Tubular_4

We’re sure that the more eagle eyed fans out there might catch some serious spoilers or secret clues, but we’ll leave that up to you whilst we just bask in the throwback beauty of it all.

This ’90s CAPTAIN MARVEL Website is Totally Tubular_5

Whether you’re ready for the incoming invasion or not, Captain Marvel will be hitting our screens on March 8 2019!

Images: Marvel

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