Which Mystery MCU Projects and Heroes Will Fill the Phase 6 Slate?

Marvel announced its entire MCU Phase 5 slate at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The studio also revealed Phase 6 will feature a Fantastic Four film and two Avengers movies. But Marvel won’t move on to Phase 7 after just three films. It also intentionally left eight specific dates blank on the official calendar. So what else can we expect from Phase 6 of the MCU? On Nerdist News, Dan Casey broke down what other Marvel movies and shows we might see in Phase 6.

We know some of the Marvel Phase 6 projects that are definitely on the way. That includes Deadpool 3, which will mark Ryan Reynolds crossover into the MCU. That’s why we also expect him to be a big part of a war that involves traveling between the multiverse. We know Shang-Chi will also play a big role in that battle. But he’ll likely also get his own sequel film, the recently trademarked The Wreckage of Time, as well. And his big screen sister could also return with her own project. Meng’er Zhang’s Xu Xialing could headline a Ten Rings series.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool without his mask
20th Century

Meanwhile, Disney denied Patton Oswalt’s claim Eternals 2 is a go, but that might be because instead it’ll be called Celestials: End of Time. But while those ancient warriors battle to save the world, the Young Avengers could finally get their own chance to shine. The MCU has been introducing young superheroes for awhile, with even more to come in Phase 5, Phase 6, and beyond.

Haile Steinfeld as Kate Bishop with her big winter coat on Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

While it didn’t make the SDCC cut, Disney+’s Armor Wars series is still seemingly a go. That could also lead into the rumored The Mutants series, which might serve as an early look at the coming MCU X-Men project. (However, we doubt we’ll see them with their own project until Phase 7.)

We still expect Disney+’s Okoye series to get in on the fun, along with the Wakanda series Ryan Coogler’s developing. But we won’t be stunned by a standalone Namor project, either. Black Panther 2‘s baddie is really more of an antihero, and his role in the MCU could soon be more of a tidal wave.

Namor under water holds up his hand in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Marvel Studios

Other rumored Marvel Phase 6 installments also include a possible Nova series, a Midnight Sons project (maybe Ryan Gosling really will play Ghost Rider and eventually get his own movie), and a Wonder Man show or film. And that doesn’t even include natural sequels that could get the greenlight such s Spider-Man 4 (give us live-action Miles!) and Doctor Strange 3. And if we get the latter, how about an Earth-616 Illuminati show or film? Heck, let’s give Doctor Doom his own, too.

Will all of these make it to the screen? No, but there’s probably also some we don’t know or haven’t considered that will. And besides, even if these MCU projects don’t appear in Phase 6, Phase 7’s calendar is totally free.

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