Patton Oswalt Mistakenly Says ETERNALS 2 Is Confirmed with Director Chloé Zhao

Earlier this week, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Wyatt Russell said he hasn’t heard from Marvel about returning to the MCU as U.S. Agent. That’s surprising since the studio just announced a Thunderbolts movie at San Diego Comic-Con. We expect the violent superhero to be a major member of the team. But Marvel does like to keep things under wraps. ( Probably because Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo can’t keep a secret to save the universe.) So it’s not just noteworthy, but it’s downright shocking when an actor casually reveals an MCU project none of us knew about. And that’s what Patton Oswalt seemingly did when he visited The Today Show. He said he’s hopeful to be working with Harry Styles in an unconfirmed sequel to Eternals. And then noted that, not only was the movie a go, but Chloé Zhao would return to direct the apparent Eternals 2 movie.

Harry Styles as Starfox in The Eternals, Styles could appear in a sequel to Eternals.
Marvel Studios

Oswalt made his MCU debut as the voice of Pip the Troll alongside Harry Styles’ Starfox in an Eternals‘ post-credits scene. We’ve always expected the duo, along with the film’s other surviving characters, to return to the MCU. However, it was unclear when and how they would. As of now, Marvel Studios has not announced any plans for a sequel to the Eternals movie. It was not on the officially announced Phase 5 or Phase 6 MCU dockets.

But other projects will surely get added to both, and according to Oswalt, one of them will be Eternals 2. On The Today Show, the comedian told Al Roker (in an interview we first saw at Empire) that Marvel “has announced” a follow-up film with Zhao once again directing, that may include him and Styles. Culture Crave isolated the relevant portion of the interview where Oswalt talked about the movie.

That’s great…except Marvel hasn’t announced anything about an Eternals 2 or a sequel of any kind. At least not to the public. So either Oswalt knows something we don’t and just let the intergalactic cat out of the bad. Or he’s simply assuming a sequel and misspoke. Which is it? A representative from Disney says it’s the latter. So, don’t get too excited about an Eternals sequel just yet.

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