Sub Spots Vast Array of Freaky Sea Creatures on Test Dive

It’s not every day that we see a wide array of wild sea creatures exhibiting all kinds of strange bioluminescent phenomena. However, it’s happening more and more. Our latest imagery from the ocean (i.e., the internet) continues to show off the majesty of the sea. To enjoy the show, just kick back, grab a drink, and contemplate whether or not alien life’s already arrived on Earth.

The Schmidt Ocean Institute is founded by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy Schmidt. This nonprofit aims to advance oceanographic research. Recently it posted the above video to its YouTube channel. Apparently, the Institute was testing out new deep-sea instruments for deployment, looking to integrate four different complex systems. (The Institute outlines the mission in a blog post, but the four systems are a bit nebulous.)

A globose translucent sea creature with bioluminescent lighting floating in the dark ocean.

Schmidt Ocean Institute

In the video, we watch from a first-person point of view as the Institute’s remote-operated submersible, RoV SuBastian, explores ocean midwater. Midwater is the slice of ocean below the surface and above the seafloor. It’s unclear where exactly SuBastian was when it recorded all this strange sea life. Although Pandora from Avatar is not out of the question as far as we’re concerned.

A strange, translucent siphonophore sea creature with delicate yellow tentacles floating in the dark ocean.

Schmidt Ocean Institute

As for the actual sea creatures, each one is seemingly more alien than the one before it. As the Institute notes, the reel is chock full of siphonophores, ctenophores, polychaetes, and other “very delicate” invertebrates. Esoteric species, to be sure, but each one is worth looking into. Especially siphonophores, which actually consist of an enormous colony of smaller, individual organisms called zooids. Zoids, incidentally, are also worth looking into.

An orange-red vampire squid floating through dark ocean midwater with its big eye looking at the camera lens. A prime example of ocean life.

Schmidt Ocean Institute

The Institute doesn’t list out the weird sea creatures, but we recognize a few for sure. (Again, these alien sea creatures are popping up a lot these days.) At about a minute in, we get an eye-popping close-up look at a vampire squid. At around 1:15: a bloody belly comb jelly. And, of course, plenty of siphonophores. Although nothing that screams “UFO” quite like this seafloor dweller.

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